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Author Topic: Which inexpensive country can a monger go to punt moroccans w/o going to morocco  (Read 1994 times)

Instead of all the mental worries and continuous  bribes in morocco ......I would think and hope  that some  some members on this board would give suggestions of another country (preferably non muslim)  with lots of "moroccan women" available at a fair cost and less hassle!!! Any suggestions of places in europe asia etc where there are tons of moroccan women available without the dangers and costs would be appreciated by me and the rest of the board!!! Please give bars clubs hotels or other freelance venues....

Are there not loads of fit Moroccan swimmers in the south of France ?

There areally loads of morrocans in southern Spain around places like Cordoba etc. Just have to be careful as crime can be quite bad in these places. But it's just a case of being sensible and careful like anywhere really.

Offline eldrago

France have a lot of Moroccan Community

Offline Anno

A lot of the girls you would actually punt in Morocco, in Marrakesh at least, are from other surrounding countries.

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