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Author Topic: Boy or Girl????  (Read 950 times)

Real doubts this profile is genuine but what would you say ... Boy or Girl in Verification photo?????
Grab it before it goes... Can't save it so if anyone can please do so  :hi:


Offline SirFrank

Hmmmm it's 50:50. Even the main profile pic is unclear. I couldn't call this one at all
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Offline raylondoner

Verification picture makes it more likely to be male - look at the hands!  :hi:

Offline Turtle Z

Does it matter. The 'girl' is clearly androgynous and just the fact that it looks like a bloke is enough to put me off. If you do decide to TOFTT then don't be surprised when 'she' whips out her cock and balls.

Offline Corus Boy

I just love it when they forget that they are looking for business!

P.S. You can email me only if you have special requirements and you want to explain it by writing.
See you soon :)
Especially when there is no phone number displayed.  :dash:

Offline Sonny Crockett

I would say it's a boy!!!!!!
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Offline raylondoner

I don't think it makes any difference, nobody in their right mind would bother

I will say it's an ugly woman who is probably a lesbian anyway.

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