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Author Topic: Sexy Baby Lady  (Read 1509 times)

14 review(s) for x naughty monika x (6 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Raptorous

After reviewing the feedback I could find I decided to take a punt, as I was feeling horny and from conversation via AW email had a good vibe from Monika.

First made my enquiry via AW reference and visit and Monika was very response and good at coming back to me.  Good comms prior to the meeting and once I had spoken to her on the phone too.

Visited Monika in a flat just off Kilburn High Road.  Arrived about 10 mins early and Monika was very accommodating and welcomed me in shortly after I confirmed arrival.  Her English is quite good and it's clear to see that she enjoys a conversation.  She was chatty, which I didn't mind, but for those who book for less than an hour, you will need to move her along a bit.....

She asked me what services I would like and obviously mentioned the usual..... at this point we said what each of our favourite positions were and when I said I like the women on top her response was "that's my worst position."  Although she didn't like it I still managed to get her to ride me and she appeared to be enjoying it.

Service offered was Kissing (no DFK), OWO, sex in multiple positions.  Although she appeared to like being spanked, she said that because of her neighbours this couldn't be done because of the noise..... a little upsetting as I was enjoying slapping that ass.  One thing to note she likes to bite a little, which she done on my lip and nipples a bit.... but in a very sensual way.  She also was happy to use her nails on me for a little scratching, which is something I enjoy, so if any of you guys enjoy that then she is for you.

She is probably about 5'5, nice ass, nice breasts, curvy and generally has a nice body.  She looks like her pictures, although she was more natural appearing (not tons of makeup) when I visited which showed her natural beauty. 

Overall a good punt which will probably have me returning at some point in the near future

Before I forget the link to Monika is below


14 review(s) found for x naughty monika x linked to in above post (6 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline doobes

Thanks for the review.

I wasn't certain about the profile given the mixed reviews (here and AW) but her service and rates sound reasonable, onto the HL she goes.

Offline Big Cat

Booked this idiot the other day and turned up at the address bang on time - rang 3 times, no answer. Sent a text advising I was outside and asking which buzzer to push. She texts me the address again. No, which buzzer I ask. No reply.

I go into the shop opposite and come out and who do I see waddling down the street with her fat ass bursting out of some jean shorts? Monika. Had half a mind to go after her and dress her down but then probably not the best look getting into an argument with prostitute in the middle of a busy high street.

She's an idiot, waste of time.
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