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Author Topic: You have to be kidding me!?  (Read 1429 times)

Online Ali Katt

What I found most disgusting is the fact she offers bareback and she calls herself a GILF - I wouldn't want to fuck her but, if someone wants to fuck an old biddy fair play.

Offline mattylondon

Truly revolting.    :scare: :scare:
Have you seen how her piss flaps are hanging down in one of her gallery pics?!  :vomit:

So if this is a real profile, we can safely assume this woman is really 70+. It's all wrong!!  :vomit:  :thumbsdown:

Offline AnthG

You have to give her credit though. She knows how to write a profile

I'm the totally depraved anal granny you have been looking for!

If I was into that sort of thing, that would have been the first line to end all first lines.

She should stop escorting and be a profile writer for all the fit 20 year olds. She will make more money that way. :)

Another good one

You have all heard of a MILF well i'm a sexy GILF!!.

Offline softlad

could be one for Softlad :D

I can't believe the hottie hasn't got some feedback yet....... :D

Offline mattylondon

I can't believe the hottie hasn't got some feedback yet....... :D
Then why don't you be her first softlad? You know, take one for the rest of us. I look forward to your feedback report. :P

Offline Jacob

"Sorry, but GILF67 is no longer active on this site. We have searched for other members that operate in the same area."  :)

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