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I'm interested to read about the retreat, which other members have said the mistresses will have sex with you as well as dominate. That sounds great but a shame there are no face pics. I did see a couple of mistresses elsewhere a while back with mixed results. Typically the websites will say that there is no sexual activity but I thought that was just the mistress covering her back legally, stupid of me I know. First mistress I saw was Porcelain Beauty, who spanked and paddled me before moving onto tie and tease and a rather nice handjob. Unfortunately she stopped just before I could cum. Incidentally, reading between the lines on her website I don't think she even offers handjobs at all now. Second mistress I saw didn't play with my cock at all and by that stage, I worked out that mistressing was just really a vehicle for women who didn't want to be wgs to earn that kind of money.

I think for men who know how the setup works, perhaps the appeal is that you get some kind of a thrill with a kind of guilt free element, having not actually paid for sex. However as closeshave has written, I can see that no sex domination could have the potential to eventually fuck you up, especially as some of the stuff on the ticklists is pretty weird and revolves around the client not being good enough for the mistress. Plus the value for money is poor when for the same money you could shag another girl.

I was talking to a girl who does it who said a lot of her clients are older men (60++) whose plumbing doesn't work any more, so they turn to this as an alternative.   

As for the second point, there are some really kinky people out there... if you look at blogs like https://msscarletuk.wordpress.com/  it's a relationship which consists of the wife constantly torturing the bloke, making him drink cold piss,  and attacking his cock with stinging nettle, but never having sex with him.    He puts up with it, so I assume he gets something out of it.     :unknown:

Having tried it a bit, the whole femdom thing is ok as a fantasy, but in the flesh I get bored.   Topping women on the other hand...   laying a nice set of red marks across an attractive woman's ass and then her getting on her knees for  BJ puts a smile on my face for days.  :yahoo:
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Surely you must be able to find full sex Dommes on AW, just look at the likes list and agree what's going to happen beforehand.

As a Dominant male it certainly works fine with submissive WGs.

If you need a dungeon environment there are plenty for hire around the country, just book one and book the WG as an outcall.

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You can indeed but 6 years or so ago I was not wise to the fact. I do enjoy some domme services occasionally (with sex) but have never really understood j why someone would want nettles rubbed over their balls or to be kicked in them  :scare: . I think there is an element of taking advantage of people with a probable psychological problem. There is dominance and there is taking things too far. For example, when topping, I would find the thought of stinging a woman in the pussy or kicking her to be absolutely repulsive.

Offline spkmstr48

There is dominance and there is taking things too far. For example, when topping, I would find the thought of stinging a woman in the pussy or kicking her to be absolutely repulsive.

Exactly and this is where it stops being dominance and becomes abuse.

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Offline closeshave

And your Domme will respect your hard limits.

Do I feel fucked up about it - no but for some it could do so. Oh and my plumbing works fine

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