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Author Topic: booking  (Read 346 times)

Offline linford

hi guys i email a escort about a booking on aw  she  now available  . the escort at the the minute is only doing mmf 3sums with a male partner if that of interest to myself .  3sums is not my things to be honest with you .  i would love do a photoshoot with her.  its said on her enjoy list enjoy filming .  i am not very good with words ,  emails reply because of my dyslexia. i dont know what to say back in the emails thanks linford

Offline SirFrank

Evening, the important thing is to consider what you want, as you are paying, and what service she is prepared to provide. From what you say she's only prepared to offer services that you don't want. On that basis, I suggest you drop her a short message, as I guess you want to be polite, and just say something along the lines of thanks but no thanks.
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Offline PLeisure

Welcome to UKP, linford  :hi:

How about sending a reply explaining you have dyslexia and so it's easier for you to chat on the phone and explain what you're looking for.
Hopefully that works...

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