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Author Topic: Pills  (Read 359 times)

Offline Sammy_the_bull

Look this is my opinion.

Even when you said wow nice weather always some idiot says tomorrow its going to rain.

The more you help community like this more the backlash you get. Dont worry I been bitten many times from yahoo and google and other groups over the years.

Heres what I know. If its not natural then it is not good.

Unless its water, you are expecting some negative. The question is when they build up. Whats the point when its too late.

Sorry just background to what I am about to say.

Each ingredient of any sex enhancement pill you do an individual google search on and alarm bells should start ringing.

This means dont. Use something else.

Here is my suggestion as I know a lot of people and now more and more people are using pills, lubes, creams and other methods.

Find and exhaust natural sex enhancements before you move onto “commercial” rubbish.

Only problem with natural ones is BEACUSE you are not paying and BEACUSE they are too easy you think they are rubbish.

Find one that you like and use it until you can say fuck it I am going on or back to the pills.

Along the way you will find other things for yourself. Research and learning new things are never bad.

Sorry to say if death is the only issue with Viagra and other pills you are HUGELY mistaken.

I am just trying to look out for your and my health.

Happy punting!
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Offline comaminion

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Offline comaminion

I have 're read it, colour me converted if I can't get an erection i will use a bamboo splint

The only thing missing from your post was a link to cheap iPhones
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Offline Sammy_the_bull

Are you pissed?

ah man is it my english? am i doing something wrong?

i am confused.
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Offline maxxblue

ah man is it my english? am i doing something wrong?

i am confused.

You certainly are!  :wacko:  :wackogirl:  :crazy:

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Why don't you enlighten us Sammy_the_bull and tell us what these natural sex enhancers are?

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