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Author Topic: kylie louise  (Read 903 times)

Still trying to find out whether Kylie Louise has retired.A really lovely girl.Anybody any news.

Offline RedKettle

not seen anything from her for ages - I wonder if she has moved to Portsmouth, she was always talking about going.

Would be great to find out where she is. I remember helping her in 2009 grammatically correct her website and I was always rewarded with a quality punt with her.

Very reasonable on price £140 for 2 hours and you have to pay that for most British girls nowadays for one hour of their time.

Offline RedKettle

yep I had a great deal with her for cheap quickies at a time when I did not have a great deal of cash.

I remember she bought me a bottle of Joop aftershave for Christmas 2009 to thank me for being a regular with her. Lovely little touch because even today you never hear of working girls giving out gifts to punters.

Offline RedKettle

Yea typical of her.  I always say when there are threads about giving the girls gifts that we are the customers and they should be giving us gifts, very rarely happens.

She once sent me a text after a punt to apologise that she had not been as good as usual - had seemed fine to me but shows she was "customer focused".  She may have been young but many an old tart could learn from her.

Shame if she has retired but wouldn't blame her, if I knew where she was I would go and see her tomorrow if I could.

She once sent me a picture msg on my mobile phone but it wasn't configured properly to receive this type of message. So innocent me took it into Vodafone to get this sorted (lucky enough I knew the girl who sorted this for me) but she had a huge grin on her face and then I realised the explicit nature of the picture and what she was going to do to me when we next met.

Priceless memories of one of the Punting worlds Best.

Offline RedKettle


Just to mention the obvious but have you tried her phone number?

I found her number on the link to her website. Not much of her website left. But haven't given up hope of finding her. So will try that tomorrow.  Thanks.

I'm not on Face book but my mate is. So I will try that option too.


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