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Author Topic: Opinions on this profile, real or fake ?  (Read 371 times)

Offline jackd199

So just looking at this profile and it seams ok to me, but it does have the authenticity warning so wanting to ask you all for opinions


Offline jackd199

Never mind she's got bareback ticked in her likes list  :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. are you ok?   A. yes i am

She does have a sense of humour.

Offline bod666

Hmm her primary language is "englis" ... me think she lies! :wacko:

Online NEGaz

Hmm her primary language is "englis" ... me think she lies! :wacko:

Totally agree

Offline Ali Katt

What sort of men turn you on?    slime

Look at the size of those tits though.

Offline RedKettle

it would be great if she was genuine - she has all the equipment to make me happy!

however the bareback means I give her a swerve.

The girl is stunning. Would push all the right buttons for me. But with the poor quality wording in her profile, £100 an hour and zero feedback she may not be Romanian but she very probably isn't English neither.

Shame but the big NO NO is the bareback she offers.

Offline stevedave

Yep, she's fit alright but as others have said the services offered make her off limits to the right minded punter  :scare:

Has anyone done an image search jobby, to see if the pics are a blatant falsehood? I'm a bit of a technophobe so can't  :hi:

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