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Author Topic: When you call and they ignore but ask to text  (Read 1723 times)

Offline SUMO61

Nearly all prossies are on Alaska (pun intended) time: ie several hours behind. Punts before 1pm don't count as 'today'. Ffs she has to do her day job: sleeping in, reading magazines, signing on and popping into Greggs.

Good one  :lol:

Might report her to the Jobcentre for a sanction..not available for work..

Offline Neal69

I like to speak.

At least it proves that someone in the household is Female.


Offline Aspen

I like to speak.

At least it proves that someone in the household is Female.

Yeah, exactly.

If they don't want to speak it's either because they have a male voice, or they can't speak the language. Either way it's a no go / complete waste of time.

The other one I don't like is the hotel incall addresses. Never the girl you see advertised.
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Offline Nagilum

If I have seen the girl I just text. I ask if they are working, then agree the time. Done in a couple of messages.  I then text when I'm leaving and lastly text when I arrive, so no need to call in this scenario.

When it's a new girl I will phone and if they don't answer or text me back I move on to the next girl. I apply this to any business I seek.

Offline cueball

I like to speak.

At least it proves that someone in the household is Female.


I'm the same,

Most lasses will speak on the phone before hand though,, well, the British ones will.

Offline Agent W

Agree text is far more convenient - I always dread that first "Hi is that Imelda? I was just admiring your Adultwork profile" conversation, and it's a lot easier if you've exchanged messages first. However it is reassuring to hear a woman's voice on the phone even if it's the maid, as I'm always conscious that it could be an elaborate mugging trap. The one time I aborted a mission at the last minute before meeting was with someone who never picked up the phone and just texted back with directions one detail at a time, and I started to feel I was being lured into a dodgy flat in a tower block full of gangsters.

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