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Author Topic: Hot Thai Natalie ( Uxbridge ) rude maid, mediocre service  (Read 744 times)

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Offline Turtle1

Visited on Monday, I wasnt after a shag (id just punted on the weekend )or anything, i wanted a damn back and shoulder massage with a cheeky extra ( shoulder injury )

Was in uxbridge doing some shopping, shoulder just went really stiff. I usully go in Windsor or Ealing for massages. I really needed one. did a search on AW and found this profile in Uxbride, I knew it would never be the girl in the picture.

Anyways its a flat not far from town centre (This pimp has several flats in this area) turn up and get shown to a room by a maid, you geussed it, wasnt the girl advertised but wasnt bad looking. infact she was rather nice. She claims she was thai but clearly chinese, late 20's. Size 6-8 around 5 foot. Skinny but with big boobs.

I specified i wanted a deep tissue massage and attention to shoulder and possibly a HJ (£60). I strip off and lay on the bed face down. She starts with oil and back massage (5/10) and goes all the way to my toe and back up to my lower back occasionaly feeling my balls ( which got me hard ). I had to say several times i want my shoulders doing not the rest, id point too. she'd touch the shoulder then go back to my arse. i forgot to mention i asked her to keep her clothes on as it would get me too horney. somehow whilst i had my head down she took off all her clothes. she did everything in her power to get me horney and it worked. I kept pointing at my shoulder, at which point she sat on it  :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :angry: Ok thats enough masssge thank you.

Now i needed a shag, i asked for it and was told no time ( but pay extra £30 ). Fine, give me the hJ and ill leave. she pulls out the rubber......WTF i dont want a Covered HJ. After a little protest she agges, she made me shoot across the room in under 1min,   :cool:


Im giving neutral due to the fact i was after a shoulder massage and the fact i left in more pain then i arrived. she was very good sexually but shit at massages. Spoke next to nothing of English but clearly knew enough when it suited her.

Would i go back, Yes but not for massages. 

NOTE: The maid is very rude, as i was going over the service she kept saying "read profile" and was very dramatic when i complained about my poor massage. 
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