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Author Topic: Petite Juliette - Old Street  (Read 1029 times)

15 review(s) for Girlfriend Julia... (3 positive, 7 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline thekman100

In London town, in my continual hunt for a great DT BJ with CIM I came across favourable reviews (mostly) for

https://www.adultwork.com/2699502 or https://www.adultwork.com/Petite+Juliette

2nd attempt at booking after an initial previous night of frustration in not being able to book anyone successfully and having to self service!  :(

Comms not too bad. Booking made, time kept waiting not too bad (5 mins waiting on a bench in the courtyard) and up to the correct floor/room. Greeted and allowed to have a pee (I was in dire need! lol) told, to freshen the member up for her, no problem. I didn't have a shower as I was under the impression this came out of my time and I wasn't planning full sex.

The flat was absolutely fine, the room was clean, didn't smell and bed was decent. Far better than expected and how they look on the outside!

Physically as described previously, brunette, size 6 I reckon, fairly pretty but I was expecting a better looking lass to be honest. Still, I wasn't bothered if the BJ was up to expectations! I had informed her by text and initially when I went into the room I was after her 'legendary' BJ. So, down with the trousers and told to lay on the bed and off she went.

Now...this is where I was really, really disappointed. Mainly has my expectation had been raised far too much obviously. By the profile, AW feedback and tbf, feedback on here too. The BJ wasn't bad, it wasn't much above average tbh.

No pre-teasing which I like, no ball licking (I didn't ask to be fair but sort of expected it), yes she can go down a fair way but I am only 6 inches and she never went all the way down without holding the base, giving her a good half and inch to inch spare. There were times when if she kept going deep she would have made me cum with her mouth but after several minutes of 'deep' action she would come up for some hand action and then go down again. It was clear I would have to help it along and then let her take it over the line. Which, in fairness she did, I enjoyed the CIM but I would have loved it if the BJ had taken me to that point solely.

It is a borderline positive as she was nice enough, the flat was nice, I didn't partake in sex which could have been good and she did let me CIM but at £80 paid...meh..I was really underwhelmed compared to my expectations and so I enter a neutral as I feel others should expect a good BJ but not a 'DT BJ specialist or PSE BJ by any means and this is what reports led me to believe.

My hunt for this service continues. I repeat what I have said elsewhere that my 2 best BJs are Raunchy Rose who is no longer on AW actively could properly take my cock all the way down so her mouth was on my base and I could even feel her teeth!  :thumbsup: And she could do that for several seconds before needing to breath. It was also £50 inc CIM. It is a pity she no longer keeps her profile active.

And Emily19 in Brum. At 19 she could aggressively push my cock all the way down her throat, no encouraging at all. I was blown away (literally) that someone so young could do something so impressive. I honestly reckon she could do porn. Unfortunately its bloody miles away and I rarely need to go to Brum.  :cry:

My thread on the matter has only given me one possibility in Pompey. I'll try that at some point but I am really hoping for someone in the Surrey area I can visit regularly when I really just want a hardcore BJ!

Back on topic. I am not saying don't visit. I am wishing to just lower expectations a little.  :hi:

Happy hunting.

15 review(s) found for Girlfriend Julia... linked to in above post (3 positive, 7 neutral, 5 negative)

Online mrhappypants

Thank you for your review.  Could you comment on her presentation - how was she dressed and was her hair tidy? I found her prettier than you but also consistently poorly presented.

She may have stopped doing DT.  I noticed this last time I visited and it  has left her marketing looking off. 

Read the full threads not just the initial reviews.  More critical commentary (of her) generally follows. 

Read the reviews on Linda Star.


Offline thekman100

Hello mate (did you mean to sign off as you did!?)

She was in good nick to be honest. pink net stockings and she kept her t shirt on as I just wanted a BJ. she seemed to have a very good body though from my 'top down' view!

Looks wise, i just have had the pleasure of many better looking young WGs. She was dead on average IMHO.

Yeah, definitely NOT the BJ service I expected, maybe I should have done more reading but when you are on your mobile with a hard on you only tend to skim read.  :)

Offline thekman100

ps. linda star never got back to me but good tip thanks and maybe next time.  :thumbsup:

Online mrhappypants

ps. linda star never got back to me but good tip thanks and maybe next time.  :thumbsup:

Yep iLinda should be on your list if DT is your thing.  Sweet Chantelle also does a lovely soft sensual blowjob (no DT though) and is very close to Juliette's location.


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