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Author Topic: Anyone know or remember a blonde in S/S Glasgow  (Read 981 times)

Online welldo

Hi guys, been out the scene a while but due to a change of circumstances i'll be back in action and came across this site.  Looking for a bit of help/info.

Does anyone remember or know a blonde who offered massage & services from a flat near the bottom of Langside Road (only couple mins away from the french nutter Magalie)?
She was Scottish, about 5'4, blonde hair.  Was trained in massage and had the proper table etc then offered services following the massage.

Offline chico1000

Do you not know that your last statement is like mentioning "MacBeth" on this forum when you should refer it to it as the "Scottish Play".  No sorry don't know the girl you are referring to.
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Offline RandyF

That'd be Lucy! Not very helpful I know :D, there were about 5 Lucy's in/from Glasgow at that time.

I always remember her telling me she'd like to offer full sexual services (she did for a spell), but that she had Mastitis. Bullshit I thought - that's a disease for coo's udders.  But naw, seems it's no.

Hasn't been around for long long time.  Quit or moved location, I'd assume.

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Online welldo

I visited her twice, the first time was a hand-job to finish the massage and the second time a bbbj complete with facial. 

Going back to the 1st time i met her, she opened the door and started to look a bit worried.  She later told me i looked like someone she knew and thought i was them coming to visit her.  From what i remember, she worked in the Southern General hospital and done the massages for extra cash.

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