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Author Topic: "Perfect Boobs" mmmm.... don't think so love !!  (Read 880 times)

I know it's a pet hate of mine, ( enhanced tits are rubbish ) but this prossie is asking for it .... ridicule that is .
She's probably not very bright ( eg."intermite" ) but how can enhanced tits be described as "perfect boobs" and then priced at 160 ph ?

https://www.adultwork.com/2999585 or https://www.adultwork.com/BelleBeauty
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I hate fake tits with a passion. And this girl should be arrested by the spelling police unless she is talking about the infestation of termites in her apartment!

Offline 1dt

stretched like plastic footballs..shame bet they was pert  :unknown:
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Offline berksboy

   If her boobs are so perfect why no good clear pics of them ?  :unknown:

Offline Oberyn1

I fucked a civvie milf from a dating site who had fake tits; they were actually quite nice to be fair. I never understand why young women get them though, because it's not like they have to worry about sagging or any of that stuff yet anyway. I could understand if she had kids and they weren't as plump any more, but while you're still young makes no sense.
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Offline carefree

From what I can see of her I'd smash it all over the bedroom, she looks fine to me :thumbsup:
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