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Author Topic: Busty_Elle79 - Abingdon  (Read 345 times)

Offline Lewis


To quote from her profile

"Before you choose whether to book me, or not, I must advise that the reason I've been away is due to the fact that I did contract a blood virus, which I am being treated for.  There is a very slim to nil chance of me passing it on, especially as protection is a must and will be used, but I feel that it is my duty to advise you of my situation. If you are still interested or want to find out more then drop me a message."

I did see Elle approx. 6 years ago and she wasn't a bad punt, but upon reading what's written in her profile - barge pole and wouldn't touch now spring to mind.

Still, at least she's given warning about it. I wonder how many other WG's would?

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