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Author Topic: Massage and HR in Teddington  (Read 2890 times)

Offline Sprog999

Checked out this place in Teddington yesterday http://chinagirlmassage.com/index.html
It's directly opposite the station - you can't miss it.
Had a stunning EE receptionist (Romanian, I think) but as usual she wasn't the masseuse. This tuned out to be another Chinese girl, probably in her late 20's. Looks Ok about a 6/10.
Standard prices for massages -  i did the half hour at £30 after which the HR was offered, for which she wanted £30 - couldn't negotiate her down.
Both the massage and HR were OK, but not as good as Mae/Lisa at Baan Thai. However since BT was raided a couple opf weeks ago it appears the HR s now off their  menu, at least for a while, so this place may turn out to be worth a visit

Noticed this place online a while back. There seems to be about 4 or so websites for this one place, all with very similar content and the same phone numbers (mobile) although there is occasionally reference to an 0208 number.
Not sure why places like this have so many sites, especially when the content is essentially the same and none refer to anything 'extra'.
Might be worth a visit as I'm nearby

Offline FFC47

I am Korean guy, I love go to there Sundays and Wednesday, 2 gorgeous Chinese girls, fit!! Love that place!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Offline CelticWarrior2

Banning reason: Trolling another member + Reposting despite post deletion

Offline fredpunter

Went to this place recently and experienced a first for me.

Plans a b c  and d all came to naught so ended up here. Was partly driven by the desire for a decent massage after spending 4 hours with a willing young thing the day before and consequently feeling stiff in all the wrong places.

45 for an hours massage with a lass who was shall we say homely .... not ugly but not particularly lovely. The massage was much softer than I like but I can excuse that on this occasion for reasons I can't divulge. 

She repeatedly strayed close to my important bits and gave my buttocks a good going over but never quite got to my cock and balls.

Eventually she said she'd finished and left the room . I was a bit disappointed as I'd been here before and been offered hr and also because she had short changed me by about 5 mins.

I lay there for a minute or so enjoying feeling relaxed .... a state a massage usually induces the in me ... then another lass entered the room. This lass was young, attractive, and wearing a sexy little black dress.

To cut a long story short ... it seems the first lass doesn't offer extras but they send in the second lass to finish you off if that's what you fancy. I paid 20 for hr and she allowed a little gentle fondling over her clothes. My only complaint would be that this lass has obviously delivered about a million hand jobs in her short life and knows how to make you come quickly. In 4 hours the previous day I'd managed only 2 pops despite practising a wide variety of cruel perversions on my willing partner... this little Chinese lass had me shooting my load so hard that is flew over my left shoulder after only 5 minutes.

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