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Author Topic: Zoey of Diamonds  (Read 799 times)

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I booked Zoey for a 1 hour incall. Price was £100.

Communications were good as usual. They sent me most of the address on the morning of the booking then I phoned up for the flat number just prior to the start of the booking. I'd already been to this flat before, but I thought it prudent to ring up for the number in case they'd moved 2 doors along since last time I was there!

The flat is located in a rather upmarket part of Gateshead Quayside and is an easy walk from the Hilton hotel or Gateshead metro station. It's very quiet and respectable and there's plenty of parking outside.

Inside the flat was clean, neat and tidy.

When the door opened I was really pleased...Zoey's a very attractive girl, good looking facially with lovely dark eyes, long dark hair and a fantastic curvy body. Terrific pair of big, heavy, natural boobs that are down as DD on the website but looked a lot bigger (when I asked she said they're actually Gs). She was rather self conscious about her bum but I've no idea why as it's great, really peachy. She's curvier than her photos and is much nicer in the flesh.

She reminded me of 2 British pornstars - Alexis Silver and Victoria Brown when she was younger (e.g. her Ben Dover's "Royal Reamers 2" scene). Very sexy girl.

She was wearing a peach coloured wool dress that showed off her curves perfectly, at least I think that's what it was, I'm actually not sure exactly what she was wearing as her curves were so distracting.

I gave her some black hold ups to wear, sorted the paperwork then jumped in the shower. The shower was clean, there was shower gel and she gave me a clean towel.

When I came back into the bedroom she was lying on the bed stripped down to her undies and looked fantastic.

Her hygiene was perfect and she smelled really fresh.

She's a nice girl, warm and friendly with a playful, mischievous streak.

Services: kissing, OWO, reverse O, 69, sex (missionary, Indian cowgirl, cowgirl, doggy), cum on boobs. She told me she doesn't do DFK, does CIM but doesn't swallow, doesn't do anal, and will do facials but isn't that keen on them as it means re-doing her make-up afterwards.

While there was no DFK her kissing was more than just pecks, there was some prolonged lip locking going on. Her HJ / OWO is REALLY good, definitely among the best I've had - she went for it with gusto and I really enjoyed the feeling of her big, heavy boobs pressing against my balls and legs. She was very responsive during reverse O, eventually cumming on my tongue. The sex was great, she was really passionate and bucked back in missionary and doggy. She got me to lie on top of her in missionary so we were body to body. She played with her clit in missionary too. I had to keep stopping to avoid cumming too soon.

I got another shower and departed.

I was her last booking of the day and we overran by a good few minutes but she was very laid back about it and encouraged me to get another shower, so she's definitely no clockwatcher.

Overall the lack of DFK was the only negative, everything else was very good. It was a highly enjoyable punt, I would recommend her and will see her again.

Nice one, Prof!

I need to move to Newcastle!

Good to see you back Prof. Been missing your reviews and input.

Great review, Zoey sounds well worth a meet. Shame about the DFK though. Still will add to the HL though.

Offline toon972

Good review,attitude and likes seem good.

Great review Prof, she does look lovely; right now everyone will be looking up Royal Reamers 2!

Great review Prof, she does look lovely; right now everyone will be looking up Royal Reamers 2!

This is the scene I was thinking of:


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