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Author Topic: Yummy Emma  (Read 4769 times)

Offline mudsucker

Hi. Looking at booking a punt with Yummy Emma;


I've read mixed reports on UKP, does anyone have any recent experience they may wish to share? New to UKP so not sure if people can PM me but feel free to do so if you can. She looks pretty hot to me but have concerns over attitude.


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Offline just_me

She is ok. Body not as good as in pics, bigger than I expected. Nice enough girl, just nothing special for me. Very mechanical. No kissing or reverse oral when I went, just seemed all a bit rushed

Offline MrBridger

Yes very similar with me. Pleasant enough, not really into the sex, RO allowed but got little reaction, bit 'by the numbers'. Certainly not fat, pictures are pretty accurate Cracking tits and arse, quite pretty IMO. The only thing that really pisses me off is the number of pics on her profile that are upside down. How hard can it be to get them the right way up???
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I saw Emma earlier this year and IMHO I wouldn't go back.
Sure she is friendly, but she did happen to mention that she just doesn't enjoy the sex from her "clients" and as long as they are happy then she is. Well of course this was a total killer, so onto doggy and pound away.

I did find her a little larger than I imagined from her pictures and I seem to remember large thighs...
I did start to find her attitude to the whole thing a bit off....

In all honesty I haven't had one good punt at the hol inn @ junction 5, they have all either been bait and switch or just not really into it.

I would carry on down the M5 until Worcester and see Jessica https://www.adultwork.com/1884017 or https://www.adultwork.com/English%7EJessica, although I haven't seen her yet, I would definitely book up with her.

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Offline Diehard

Have seen her and Echo all the above. One to avoid. As friendly as she is, I'm not paying to be her friend, but the French kissing is poor and it is all very mechanical.

Save your money

Offline fenderswoop

I met Emma in the summer of 2010 and again in the summer of 2012 and I saw a distinct change in attitude between the 2 occasions. In 2010 she was friendly and very attentive and gave a very good GFE. When I met her in 2012 it was a much more cold and clinical experience whenit came to the sex. She was still a friendly and chatty girl but it just wasn't the GFE that I'd had before.

Offline mudsucker

Fab. It's decided then. I shall not be meeting with Yummy Emma. Thanks for the advice guys

Yea same here , she's been on my adultwork hotlist for about two years , so sad cus her pictures look hot to me

Offline vision2014

I saw her last year and tried again 3 months back nothing changed her  do " likes" have shortened really not into her clients and does not enjoy the foreplay or sex really I can pump along time before shooting and this is something I can tell with her and some other escorts I see which piss them off because they want you in and out
not really interested in any kinks or fetishes you have to be

On good note she is good looking nice tits  but 15 miles into brum you will find a lot better

Offline PD101

Hi mudsucker,

Did you get a punt with yummy emma?  In the same boat as you but thinking of going with it anyway, she looks smokin hot to me

Offline Riyjay13

Saw her about 9 months ago.

Attractive with great titties, but a fairly underwhelming overall experience by virtue of the fact that she's not really 'into' her job.

The sort of pro$$ie you'd give a +ve review to but wouldn't go back to see again.

Offline mudsucker

Hi JJ75house.

No haven't bothered! Considering paying £40 for 15 mins and just sampling her 'amazing oral skills' and maybe cumming on her tits but I don't know to be honest. Think I'd rather spend the money on something else at this particular point in time. That's how enthused I am!

Offline vision2014

She would not let you cum on her tits she would push you out the way has you cum that's how she is

P.s then she would use your t shirt to wipe the cum of the floor and call you a mucky sod and give you evils

Offline nicebloke

I saw her about 18 months ago at Holliday inn droitwich , promises the earth but failed to deliver .
She is now off my radar
Banning reason: Previously banned (Blitzed)

Offline macmate

Shame she's off the boil, she looks great in her gym kit!

Offline overdone

If she half'd her prices I'd love to spend an half hour with my head in those lovely tits.

Offline mudsucker

Fuck it. She's definitely off the cards! Nothing but negatives plus a PM saying she tried to scam money out of punters too. Cheeky bitch.

Mind you, any WG who takes a selfie on a phone in the mirror where the cover of her phone clearly shows her with her 2 kids on it must be lacking in the morality department. Check it out!

Offline macmate

New short, blonde haircut with pics on profile - looking hot and milf-y to me, such a shame she's got a poor rep  :(

Offline bod666

I thought she was alright when I went to see her. It was a decent punt, she's nice and friendly. For me she's too expensive. It's the cheaper options that stop me from returning.

I didn't have a problem with the service.

Saw her,a few months back.....not as good looking in the flesh but still okay. Very friendly woman but kept talking about a hernia op she had this year I think.
Like I say pleasant company but not much more...

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