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Author Topic: sweetkarinnaa69 - West Bromwich  (Read 1542 times)

6 review(s) for sweetkarinnaa69 (2 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline A.Chou85


Booked in with sweetkarinnaa69 yesterday - 30 mins... £60 + £20 Anal = £80

She located in West Bromwich, was looking forward to a 30min punt as she has loads of good ratings on AW but was disappointed.

Arrived at location comms were good and door number was given once on the street. She opened and was standing behind the door in just bra and panties looking very good.
She has a nice slim tight body and pretty face. Took me upstairs to her room and we sat down. Personality is brilliant, Very chatty easy to understand and took her time before we started.

Then i asked her about extras, she said its £30 anal and CIM £30 which on the phone when i asked her and she told me £20. She lied!! Eventually we agreed to £20 anal as i told her i had no money left.

First she started off with a 5 min dance and striptease and told her to start OWO deep-throat. Suddenly she starts to put in a condom. I told her again on phone you said OWO is included and then she said no i charge extra for OWO! Was starting to get pissed by now as she lied again!
Covered Oral was brilliant she can take the whole dick down and deepthroated me in 69l aswell. Then she starts to rush me and told me to turn around for anal which i told her few times we will do it at the end as i even hadn't even started fucking her.
Went down below for a while. She is shaved, neat and pussy was smelling nice. Turned her around and we started fucking. Done missionary, riding and doggy which was OK.
Then i turned her around for Anal and she said she only does Anal in side position because othe positions hurt which she didn't make clear on phone. Anal in one position was just Boring and by now was pissed off and just wanted to cum. Eventually i blew inside her butt and she cleaned me up and was ready to go. She had a few calls while we were at it but ignored then however she jumps straight on to her phone to call back which i thought was disrespectful as i was still talking to her.

Positives - Good looking, Hot body, Nice personality, Decent service overall
Negatives - Changing prices on extras, not mentioning OWO is not included, No DFK, No fingering, Lying, Rushing too much as if she wanted me to cum quickly and answering calls straight after we finished.

Overall i left disappointed and i wouldn't go back to meet her again even if the extras were included

6 review(s) found for sweetkarinnaa69 linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Sonny Crockett

Sorry to hear you had a bad time!!!!!! I saw Karinna last year and I have to say that I didn't have a good time with her as well!!!!
Banning reason: Troll

I saw her around six months ago in Smethwick by the McDonald's, same building as Roxanne. Her list of services offered and the actual services she provides are totally different. She'll bullshit you on the phone and tell you yes to almost everything just to get you in, but once you've handed over the cash all of what's previously been agreed goes out the window. The service is also very mechanical/shit.
It's a shame really as she's got a cracking body.

Offline bod666

A lot of these girls have someone else that answers the phone and takes the booking. They seem to have no concept that it really pisses punters off when you agree services and price on the phone then get there to get a completely different story.

Worst is when they double book the girl so you arrive and end up twiddling your thumbs waiting then giving up as a bad punt.

Even though this was a negative - it still sounds pretty good for a punt with a Romanian. My last negative experience put me off for life!

Offline Sonny Crockett

In addition to having a bad time, Karrinna had answered her phone mid-punt..... which I found very rude!!!!!
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Amvbcff

Strange question, but did she have a prominent vein in her leg?

Hi guys

I get really annoyed when fellow punting brothers get ripped off.

Shame there's no trading standards for hookers !

My advice is to avoid Romanians - I have been tempted with a few profiles but then don't see them as the chance
of finding a good Romanian whore is less than winning the lottery !!

If we all boycott Romanian whores - they will either start playing by the rules or be driven out of business -
either way it's a win-win for us guys !!

lurked on this site a while looking at reviews and only recently signed up and would like to share my similar experience with karinna towards the start of the year. i booked for half hour, called ahead to ask about OWO DFK and she agreed to it all over the phone. comms were very good, clear address details. got there and she opened the door in white thong bra and heels, looked stunning. kiss as i walked in and directed me to the shower, i had come from work so wanted to be fresh. into the room and she was very friendly, spoke and had a laugh. almost forgot about the paperwork and i had to bring it up, she just said leave it on the side, which i thought was nice. then we got into it.

light kissing, no DFK or FK which she said she doesn't do, ok no problem. then i lay back waiting for the OWO which as about three licks and then on with the hood, to be honest it was a great blowjob but i wasn't even fully hard. on she hops and rides well, by the time I'm into it she wants doggy, which i don't mind, the view is cracking but it all felt a little rushed. she makes all the right noises and playing with her boobs while she rode me was great.

overall i probably could of got a better experience for the same price with someone else, left a little disappointed but glad i  only booked half hour.

£60 for 30mins

Positives: cracking body, great comms and manner
Negatives: lies, rushed and no OWO or DFK!

would i go back, no.

forgot to add, she did like a bit of RO, not a lot, just as i was getting into it she made me stop. she was clean and fresh while i was down there.

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