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Author Topic: Is Massage 3 times a week to often  (Read 467 times)

Having had not much luck to date with WG's I've been indulging in lots of massage which I really like.

Happy Endings are a bonus, but I've had a few massages that were just dammed good massages.

Really starting to enjoy the Thai girls, although I had tried to contact a Polish and English girls 1st today, but no reply from them.
Thai it was in Beeston.
£40.00 Inc Happy Ending.
Bargain if I've ever had 1.

Not sure how much massage my body can take, might need to try a full service WG again :)

I enjoy a decent massage, but not 3 times a week, and actually see this as my future punting path. I'm a lazy bastard and just laying back relaxing suits me well. A happy ending is essential though.

If your body and wallet can cope, then 3 times a week sounds fine to me.

Offline The_Don

What ever floats your boat   :)

Depends on the massage your after.

I worked and socialised with a man that was, stabbed in the neck. Thus he mostly moved he his head, and neck in a distinctive manner.

After a massage, it would help him move more freely (or so he stated). If he got extra's (when paying) I don't know.

But he pulled one of the masseuse and I don't think he pay for massage, when he was with her. He left the business and so did I. Not sure, If he still with her or not.

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