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Author Topic: Southe East/ Blonde_Jenna - Great shame  (Read 1421 times)

3 review(s) for blonde_jenna (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2525597 or https://www.adultwork.com/blonde%5F%5Fjenna

Decided to ring the changes and try out some of the WGs closer to home. Put up an RB and Jenna responded - was the only one of remote interest so we started to negotiate.

Comms were good - I checked for previous experiences from fellow members - noted all the comments - made the booking which was accepted by Jenna as she asked me to text/ confirm on the morning of. Standard stuff.

Thought no more about it so cometh the morrow, I fired off the AW email at 7am (yup - was keen!) and followed up with a text mid morning.

Waited until noon for a reply (which by my book means that morning is over) - nothing received so moved on and sent her a message as such. She replied around 1:30 pm expressing regret - no access to AW phone - hope to meet in the future.

So - for lack of organisation (if knowing a booking was in the diary and that confirmation had been requested and was expected, why would you not have access to your AW phone???) - it's a Negative from me.

Great shame as she has the look I go for but plenty more as they say

3 review(s) found for blonde_jenna linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline 306

as said before not the greatest for contacting
Banning reason: Constantly making nonsensical useless posts + Constantly ignoring admin requests

Offline Alexmann

I have actually met her, she's ok when you manage to actually pin her down to a meet!

Offline Hantsolo

I have actually met her, she's ok when you manage to actually pin her down to a meet!

Sounds as if she's hard work for an "ok" experience.....

Offline Alexmann

Hmm I wouldn't have said it was just an ok experience- certainly wasn't mechanical, there was no limit on what she offered, as in everything she said she did, she did. I could cum as many times as I wanted and she didn't waste my time having a chat, oh and the deep throat was something else. Maybe I have a lot to learn, perhaps there is better?

In terms of hard work- id previously seen the warnings but, she does say she's a student on her profile so yes, wasn't the best trying to find a free 'slot' but I wanted someone who only saw one punter a day, so if it meant having to wait, then so be it.

Had a long text chat with Jenna and we have re-arranged for next week - very impressed by her attitude/ response to the Negative; genuinely wants to make things right. :thumbsup:

Will update as needed.

Offline rumbler

I saw Jenna once (she arrived late), attempted a second booking which was all confirmed etc and then she cancelled 2 hours before the start after ignoring my attempts to contact her all afternoon.
Came up with some crappy excuse that I replied to that it was a shame she hadn't let me know earlier as I'd have arranged something else.

A few hours later, she then sent me a message basically saying I should be more understanding and that she thought I was a nicer man than that, no offer to reschedule etc.

She is an attractive girl, but her general attitude and reliability makes her deserve the negatives she gets.

Offline Alexmann

Are you sure she just didn't want to see you again  :lol:

Quick update

Have met Jenna and, in a nutshell, she is a top girl.

Yes, comms can be problematic as she juggles work/ study but she is a genuine person - very down to earth and practical - has her boundaries but if it is listed then she is enthusiastic and good fun.

Prefers outcalls which may help anyone wishing to meet her.

Cannot change my original review rating but without doubt, my view of her is now 100% POSITIVE.   :thumbsup:

Offline Alexmann

Perhaps put a new review in? Glad you had a good time!

Thought multiple reviews within a short space of time by same person was a no-no on this site?


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