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Author Topic: cockblocked in sloane avenue  (Read 3537 times)

Offline red_zed

I completely agree. - it's mostly escorts and dodgy masseuses to be found there now. And who else in their right mind would want to stay/live in Cloisters. The high number of prossies working there has turned it into a high-rise shit-hole. If the WGs were to all move out at once it would take a long time for the reputation of this place to be restored. They'd probably have to sack most of the cleaners who were laughing at you OP. So then you'd have the last laugh :D

I used to think that only 2-3 odd prossies lived there but looks like the place is full of them. Every Sloane avenue agency escort seems to be located there.

that being said I remember on my past visits to cloisters seeing whole families in the elevators. good lord.

Offline tigerfeet

I like Chelsea Cloisters it because it's easy to get, easy to get in to and completely safe.

But just like the OP I had something similiar when I went to see an agency girl. Coming around the corner of one of the long corridors I could see at the mid point about 3 cleaning ladies and with a quick bit of guess work I could see they were very close to the room I needed to get to. As I got closer desperately trying to look nonchalent and counting off the room numbers to my horror (and maybe relief that I wouldn't be banging on a door right in front of them) they were actually in the room that the girl was using. After styling it out by breezing straight past with my eyes swivelling a hard left to try and read the number on the open door to confirm, I called to agency to find the stupid slut had changed rooms and hadn't bothered to inform them.

I'm positive the cleaners know who the whores are in the building anyway - so if you like to punt in the afternoon chances are you are always going to run into the cleaners.

btw The punt was OK - the usual slightly mediocre, over priced agency stuff which I try to avoid now by using AW

None of this was the agencies fault but a recent visit to a certain block of serviced apartments was such a nightmare for me that it nearly put me off punting for good

okay here is the gist of it. I booked an escort with the agency for incall 1.5 hours and sent me to the apartments at 3pm which I have visited before a few times at this hour. I know the way around and I know there are usually 2 cleaning ladies who work at each floor. not a problem I thought.

Well I was wrong! I get to the floor and I kid you not there where like 12 cleaners there at the very least. I thought okay I will make my way to the apartment (Cloisters is a big building after all). Got there on time but 1 huge problem - There where around 3 cleaners waiting by the door of the escorts apartment.

what do I do I thought? I decided that I want to be discreet so I texted the agency and told them I will come later. I wait for 10 minutes guys are still there, 20 minutes still there... I then go back down the corridor to the apartment and see the guys openly laughing as though they are waiting for me to open the door. I then decide to walk away and see 2 cleaning ladies sniggering at me.

It was just too much to take so I decided to bail. The agency was great but the location is AWFUL. Seriously people should avoid Chelsea Cloisters. There is simply no discretion there. oh well at least I can now claim that I have experienced chastity lol. waiting for a shag but couldn't go through because workers at a certain building cock blocked me lol

Anyway, thankfully day still ended good for me as I found another agency and booked with them a great lady from another part of london in a discreet block who's review I will post later.

Sorry to hear that! I've been there a lot of times and this has never happened to me. Maybe one time a cleaner was down the corridor but not near the room I was punting in. At a hotel in Euston a cleaner was very near the room and i texted the wg because i didn't want to knock on the door.

Offline TheCape

I saw a girl there in December of last year who claimed that there were 3 WG's in there when she started a couple of years ago, with over 50 in there now. I wouldn't go near the place now, anyone within 5 miles of the place must know its one huge brothel. God forbid anyone you know seeing you anywhere near the place.

Offline Turtle1

Dude man up. Youre going to shag an escort. who gives a crap if a bunch of cleaners know what youre doing. They clearly knew what you was doing anyways so what diffrence did it make.

Id of simply said what you looking at and still went in. then hi 5 them as i leave.

Offline superchamp

Discussed this with a regular in C.C. recently. She did make a couple of valid points a) What's the difference to visiting a house or flat with nosey neighbours?, and b) She's paid to fuck and they're paid to clean (that's prossie logic for you).
 And yes, there was a couple of cleaners, but they don't know me and I don't know them as I always punt miles from home, so no problem as far as I'm concerned.

Offline Jerboa

How can you be discreet in this building? It's one big knocking shop, I couldn't give a shit, just walk up to the door, if they're sniggering I'd remind them that these ladies pay their meager wages.

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