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Author Topic: Any other parlour type places (like HoD) you would recommend?  (Read 609 times)

I just like that sort of format, where you look on the website to see what's on offer, then ring 'em up. I was going to give the Soho walk ups a try this weekend, but I'm a shy cunt.


Offline tnalove

I don't think HoD and Soho walk ups bear much comparison as suiting the same sort of punter. But walk ups really need no more boldness than HoD really - you are quickly out of sight and they will know what you want.

You may not want to travel but straight up the Euston-Birmingham line is Milton Keynes where Annabelles and Milton Keynes Escorts are offshoots of HoD when it moved to London and operate in pretty much the same way as far as i know.
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