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Author Topic: Do you enjoy reading your AdultWork Feedback?  (Read 1700 times)

I do not read feedback. Whats good for one may not be good for another. Sorry. Just beacuse she kissed you with DFK does that i mean i get it too? with the same passion? Sorry i refuse to take any feedback as personal green light. Feedbacks are good as general postive review and the fact chances of good session maybe in order. from 50/50 good review makes the lady 60/40 at best.

The thread is about feedback the wg has left YOU.

If she writes I am her favourite punter, then I AM her favourite punter  :hi:

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I loved seeing youmean i liked your money please come nack
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Easy to spot the difference between genuine feedback and cut n paste jobs. The genuine ones comment on some specific features of the session and have a personal "voice". A girl I trust said that she only leaves generic feedback because if she doesn't, clients get jealous! Some of the hyperbole is mildly embarrassing. But even if it's OTT, good feedback means you're not a complete arse and is genuinely useful in getting further bookings, so it does have its uses.
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I think feedback is more to let other girls know the guy is average/better/than average/a great client(punter). Thats my takr on it anyway. If i read a generic looking comment - eg. "Polite, thanks" to me it reads "Ladies this man is very average, not a serial killer, okay to book". Whereas if there's some banter I'm the feedback or more personal "injokes" it makes it seem like the experience will be a bit more enjoyable. However everyone is different!

If I've had a particularly great time with someone (and want to go into details) then I'll email them and thank them.

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Has anyone ever had - treat him well girls blah fucking blah
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I cherish my "treat him well", although I anticipate finding out that this is WG speak for "Max Clifford -style micro penis"....

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I got "Great guy, enjoyed every moment. thank you x" yesterday - from a girl I cancelled on.

Maybe she enjoyed every moment of my cancellation! :wackogirl:

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I don't mind........... It is always nice for a lady to leave feedback!!!!!!!

Ladies who don't leave me feedback, I find them them to be rude and disrespectful!!!!!
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