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Author Topic: bethany of diamonds  (Read 622 times)

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Offline Danny boy


30 min incall, Newcastle quayside
bit apprehensive of using diamonds but was gagging so after quick search of availability and reviews this led me to booking this lady, to my surprise was available less than an hour from first phoning

appointment time comes, usual thing of ringing for number...no problems

door answered within few seconds, sexy blonde, facially attractive wearing heels and lingerie, profile seems accurate enough, lead to the bedroom but I needed to pee so quick detour to the bathroom, now this could put some off but I got a laugh out of it, as I went into the bathroom I could hear two people having sex, part of me thought it could just be porn playing in the background, but no it became apparent it was actually people having sex and as I left (comic timing) the guy was actually coming and I couldn't help chuckling to myself and thinking geddin there my son...
anyways back in the bedroom, lil chat, then French kissing, great tongue actction which carried on almost all the way through where possible, owo was really good, no complaint there, lovley pert c cup boobs, couldnt keep my hands off, few requests from me which were delivered with enthusiasm, 69, really responsive pussy, but then again could just be my technique, missionary, again enthusiastic, kissing, tit sucking, then doggie and I asked her to kneel up, one of my fave, at this point told me she was really horny which finished  me off there and then, collapsed and lay side by side, thought that was it, but no, she forced my hand and made me finger her till she came which I had no control over...actually would have went again of I had more time, anyways we were now both satisfied, got dressed more pleasant chat, another kiss and departed, will def visit again

btw services on offer all except any ass play apparently but I only sampled as above.... enjoy!

Offline Toshiba

Cheers, this 2 in a flat actually got me thinking, i remember once and i cant remember who but it was a diamond girl , i actually invited the other girl to watch if she was bored.

I find that quite a turn on .

Anyhow glad it went well

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