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Author Topic: Outcall Etiquette  (Read 825 times)

Hi don’t know if this has been discussed before or not, I really want to see a certain escort who only does outcalls for an agency, so after some advice on what happens from UKP members

1.   Does the driver just drop them off and leave or wait on your driveway, this would definitely be an issue, no problem if they drive themselves
2.   How do you know they are clean and fresh when they arrive, do they use the previous clients shower before they leave

I know this sound daft but these are the things that are stopping me making a booking, so any advice would be appreciated. :unknown:
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Offline sentinel

I'm no expert but I have had a few outcalls over the years so here's my take.

If the girl is being driven then her driver should drop her off at or quite close to your place and then drive away once he sees that the girl is safely inside. He shouldn't return to pick her up until the booked time is up, unless the session has to be cut short for any reason. 

If the girl drives herself then she might be able to park wherever you ask her to, as long it is within easy reach. If you ask her to dress discreetly then this should normally be quite acceptable on her part. Like all aspects of escorting the safety and security of both the client and escort are very important factors.

The driver will know your address but he shouldn't normally need to know your name or phone number.

As regards being showered etc. the best policy would be to offer her a shower as soon as she arrives, unless she confirms that she was able to shower just before leaving, either at home or at her previous appt. The bonus of course is that she might be willing to share the shower with you, especially if you ask beforehand.

Outcalls are much better from my point of view than Incalls and are well worth the effort involved.
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Thanks Sentinel, it will be my first outcall call so didn’t want to appear to be a total idiot, parking was an issue as I live in a cul-de-sac but getting dropped off not wouldn’t be a problem, as for the shower situation I didn’t know how to broach the subject, I thought she may be insulted asking her if she wanted to shower.

I did't want to raise this with the agency when I made the booking, I get nervous enough speaking to them on the phone to arrange an incall.

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Easy man, ask her if she wants a shower, then if her fanny stinks insist.

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I personally like the offer of a shower even if I have had one previously. The offer of a shared shower is always good though hair/make up can be an issue for us girls if we just spent ages looking all glam! I have often taken up the offer of a shared shower and thoroughly enjoyed myself ...just don't drench our hair ..long hair takes an eon to dry :) good luck, relax and enjoy

Offline sentinel

The agency probably wouldn't know whether or not she would be wanting a shower but you could say something along the lines of "did you have the chance to get a shower" but it will need a subtle approach because you don't want to get off on the wrong foot.

Not like some guys on here who seem to be adept at putting their foot in it before they've hardly walked through the door.  :D :D
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