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Author Topic: MADLIN MOON  (Read 2624 times)

28 review(s) for MadlinMoonXXX (27 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online king tarzan


Wow what a sexy hot minx..
Saw her in west ealing... requested she dress as sexy secretary which she did..
Really physically appealing when she opened door..
greeted each other nicely.. went upstairs very nice clean room.. clarification of gfe and notes exchanged..
firm sexy size 10, nice ripe lemons, super sexy rear end and legs.. about 5'4' without shoes...
she wanted me to shower, but i already had... but she wanted to make sure my manhood was double clean so i washed my brown viking warrior again...
went into room and started with what seemed to be endless deep passionate tongue kissing... hands all up and down her sexy body...
whipped off my tracksuit bottoms and boxers, the brown viking warrior full of muscular force and into her mouth for a very nice sexy slow firm oral without, her lovely eyes glaring at me... then she laid down had a heavy suck of her lemons, licked and kissed her everywhere, and then split her sexy legs open for a very heavy nice sweet helping of MANGO MANGO, just licked and gorged and slurped, noticed on her lemons her little minature scud missiles were heavily erect..
on with rubber on my brown viking warrior and missionary, she was a bit uncomfortable when he was firing away inside her mango tunnel, so took it easy slow to hard bang fast for several minutes till i popped..
then round 2 was heavy passionate deep tongue kissing, more helping of mango slurping and then brown viking warrior getting sucked off till he released his cream in her mouth...

very very enjoyable experience...
found her slightly reserved at first, but that did not bother me as i wanted to gently eat her sexy face anyway, but as time duration was moving forward found her very comfortable to talk with, her speaking and understanding of the super great english language is around average.. found her personality to be very pleasant...


28 review(s) found for MadlinMoonXXX linked to in above post (27 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline PLeisure

The females may be impressed by your brown viking warrior but UKP readers like to read about the inevitable communion between fresh juicy mango and firm banana. Sort it out !


Excellent review sir - She is still 1 of my favorites and saw her again a few weeks ago - Excellent bedroom and shower and she is a top provider.

She is signed up to do some filming in the UK over the next few months so will be her in West London for a good few months.


Online king tarzan

Fucked madlin again for the 2nd time yesterday. .
Very accommodating wore what I requested.
Man did she look hot!!
What a body that rear end and those fruity muffins! !
She really enjoyed Sucking my banana beast! !
From peanut to banana beast was in heaven then full throttle wank in mouth cim! !

Online king tarzan

She enjoyed my banana
In any situation if a man was a peeping tom the cunt would be 100% jealous envious!!!

Offline CheeseYa

Glad to hear that Madlin still provides a top notch service :drinks:

She's been on my HL for months but I just haven't got the chance to make it over to Ealing as yet!

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