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Author Topic: X-Miss_Katie-X  (Read 937 times)

Looks like Katie is soon back in Swansea, anyone met her and any comments.. Services, cleanliness, age, body ( nice tits in photo but not sure how old the photos are)


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Seen her not great if I am honest noce girl heavy make up things heading south. I would reccomed a gym to tone her up wow taht sounds rather nasty doesnt it

Offline Mikeh38

Not 100% sure but I think she works in a north west parlour called KSG under the name Charlotte. I saw her once not a good time.

Offline Redevil86

Not at all, you would think in this industry thay'd all be down the gym to keep ahead of the game! What with all the competition. Plus loads of men will see you naked and the aim is to turn him on . But I'd argu very few bother or seem to careless. How many times have you turned up and she's either visably older ( pics out of date ) or larger , I say this because i have experience of this personally.

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