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Author Topic: Terrace Higgins Trust to help reform prozies  (Read 419 times)

I heard on the news yesterday that the trust will allocate funds to help prozies train for normal jobs in the community.What I fail to see is that certainly in London many I've come across are making a bundle and would be horrified at the thought of going into civvy street.

Offline nigel4498

Some can't live one £150 an hour so how they'll manage on the minimum wage fuck knows.


Looks like a pretty sensible approach to me - as they've said, they aren't out to "save" sex workers:


Like any job, many people eventually get pissed off with it and want a change.  Seems to be mainly aimed at gay sex workers as well. That makes a lot of sense, as from what I understand it's a lot more difficult for older male prostitutes to find clients than female ones.

Offline Malvolio

Fair enough - it's not a job people can do forever.

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