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Author Topic: This orinetal nathalie  (Read 1060 times)

Offline Andyply

Been working my way through some SW based beautiful Asian escorts with mixed results.   :thumbsup:  :thumbsdown: Any info on this lovely lady please? The pervious oriental nathalie was gorgeous and genuine, I may have stumbled upon a great profile:kiss:have phoned to enquire but she wasn't working that day.  Offers owo,  com, RO I guess as extras.  Looks really hot in stockings, what could possibly go wrong?   :unknown:Would like to see any Info before TOFTT though as these may be quick gestures.
oriental nathalie
More pictures on vivastreet
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Sorry no help here, shes been on my list though....
As someone whose been working their way through the south west's oriental offerings, can i ask if you would have any recommendations?
I know Jaycee Plymoth seems to be the most highly regarded, and have sent a message but gotten no reply after 5 days... Amanda Hot Oriental seemed a bit terse in her coms so im unsure about her.


Offline Andyply

Jaycee is very popular, gets booked up easily apparently.  Can you believe I had to turn down a booking due to babysitting duties? A different sort of Asian lady, not traditional but more of a GFE, you will be hooked if you are able to book, simply gorgeous in every way. Hoping to book an overnight and meal out in the summer as a treat and as a thankyou as I have enquired then cancelled on a few occasions due to work.  Feels like a really professional transaction, no bull or silly games, provides all on her profile and is a genuinely great service provider as well as gorgeous.
There are so many Asian ladies who visit here regularly, usually in the Royal Willam Yard apartments or apartments nearby which are all very discrete.  A couple under the profile plymouthoriental01 have been good in the past but they swap so much it is hard to say.  Recent visits have been terrible so I avoid that profile at all costs now, particularly when the same photo's are used for different girls. In conparison to Jaycee who I see for 2hrs £200 each time (you get someone who clearly enjoys the profession and will go round after round, owo, Ro, toys, etc... if you can manage it) the others I have seen are not worth it in my opinion and it's all very mechanical.  Maybe that's harsh because Jaycee is so brilliant and a local resident who I see whenever possible.  I tend to phone all new Asian girls too beforehand.   I agree Amanda seemed tense on phone to me too.  I don't believe cim is possible, certainly owo will be for a few minutes only then you get the "you fuck me now line" same dribble, cliche talk, puts me off. You won't get another go at owo, once only I can assure you.  I see Asian Ladies less and less now as this is the same experience more often. In fact my last was just a massage and HR £80 from Sara Thai massage as I knew what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by her friendliness and expertise.
Amanda hot Oriemtal, Thai North angel,  NaughtyLada, Jay Jay cute all seem reasonable price wise and offer the same services, NaughtyLada is quite a big older but still attractive, I have seen her about four times but not recently, she lets you enjoy a short amount of RO but then in my opinion pretends to orgasm really quickly.  Also offers a very, very short owo for a small fee either 10 or 20 quid.  The only two I really like the look of and seem genuinely VFM ( I am not usually wrong these days spider sense) are the two Oriemtal Nathalie's who I mentioned previously, one is he girl with the pink ripped top I mentioned in a previous post, she gave a good massage when I visited and the latest girl visiting under this profile looks equally lovely but after telling me to contact her today hasn't responded back to me.  Also @hot@thai@ sounds very genuine on the phone but I have never yet booked her due to no owo on likes list, don't think this is a mistake, expect owc.  I think I will only being seeing Jaycee now and commit to her solely to help build a trusting professional relationship,  famous last words, and perhaps a dedicated massage/ HR provider In-between if I have the urge.  I guess a punt is meant to be risky by nature, by my tone you may guess I am often fed up and disappointed but still enthusiastic by the thought of these lovely Asian ladies who appear and tempt me.
My recent visits
Jaycee 10/10 always gorgeous
Sara 10/10 massage/HR only but fun and knowledgeable in the art of massage and HR, got m off in record time, but gave me extra time due to stew text messages, which she asked me if it was ok to receive, which was nice.
NaughtyLada 6/10 great massage/HR you may fair better than me with the rest, would be 9/10 if she only advertised massage and HR got a bit stale towards the end for me
Nathalie pink top girl 9/10 not at my best, bit tired so did not see all services zzzzzzzz but gave the impression hey would be good, was very gutted by my lack of responsiveness
Plymouthoriemtal01 ladies 4/10 fair to poor you may fair better if you find a gem as I have on occasions
Michelle000 4/10 shame as she is beautiful and sultry, you may fair better, rides cowgirl like she means it, all a bit cold and emotionless, would do it all again though 9/10 for cowgirl in her stockings

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Offline Andyply

If you TOFTT leave a review as I will do the same if oriental Nathalie responds :hi:

Andy, you are an absolute hero... thank you so much for such a comprehensive response. Im going to try my luck over the weekend and ill give a full review for sure.
I havent been able to find Nathalie pink top girl on AW, is her profile still there?

Offline Andyply

No she has moved on for the time being sadly, hopefully she will be back as she sounded busy and genuinely keen, gave a great massage and went over time to finish.  Now there is another lady using the same profile.  I am guessing someone runs the show and uses several touring girls, they are based in a big apartment block very near RWY.  I definitely heard an older Asian lady in the apartment when I visited the "oriental Nathalie" with the pink top.  I have abstained from using other such profiles that swap girls regularly, but this "oriental Nathalie" profile has good looking ladies. Just wish they were clear on the phone about services as you feel a knob not getting everything you thought you paid for.

Its difficult to find anyone that would be a sure thing...
michelle000 has hidden her feedback and a very short list so i dont think id be willing to take that risk,
plymouth@oriental01 (https://www.adultwork.com/2883130) might be worth a look, Im not very keen though, shes got fake boobs...
Japanese Elite Size6 (https://www.adultwork.com/2393660) looks great... I would love to but shes too pricey

I went to see Sara Thai Massage over the weekend, wasnt dissiapointed in the slightest, but i'd like to make my second punt a two hour deal with quite a bit more than HR :p
It looks like ill have to expand my search... Im partial to Asians and mixed race girls... It doesnt look like there are any sure bet Asians in the South West... (Except Jaycee I know, but i stil havent heard back from her)

Considering MiddleEastern Babe https://www.adultwork.com/1583649 or Kinky_Lil_Roo https://www.adultwork.com/2546417, she looks pricey too but apparantly offers good discounts for pre bookings

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7 review(s) found for Japanese Elite Size6 linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Andyply

"I went to see Sara Thai Massage over the weekend, wasnt dissiapointed in the slightest, but i'd like to make my second punt a two hour deal with quite a bit more than HR".

 :thumbsup: Did you get any indication that she would offer any extra services for a two hour punt? Did she offer you more if you visited again for longer.? She talked lots about doing other things, other clients trying to get her to do extra services, maybe this was a hint that I did not pick up on.  She was very keen to extend a future visit 160 is good for a 2hr visit as she has more to offer on the massage front.  :hi:

We got on quite well and she was enthusiastic, although the back massage went on for much longer than i would have liked. She was happy to oblige when i asked her to make it a naked body to body massage, when i turned over I asked politely if i could touch her to which she happily obliged... She got into it and when i asked if she would like my mouth she climbed up pretty eagerly to offer her pussy to my mouth. She mentioned that she wanted to return the favour next time so I know if i was to go back there would be oral, Pretty sure sex is off the table though.

Offline Andyply

Cheers pal, that's cool as oral, Ro would suit me great. Cheers buddy.

No problem mate, let me know how you get on please.... because im contemplating whether to go back to her or try my luck elsewhere :hi:

Offline Andyply

This lady has popped up.  I presume she's Asian.  Has that sparkle in her eye.  My head tells me to wait for a 2hr with Jaycee.  Unbelieveably I had to contact her to cancel a few weeks ago.   :dash: :thumbsdown:
Have initially contacted Sara about a 2hr Tuesday evening booking  Will ask her for B2B prior to a meet if I book and go. As a repeat offender she might be partial  to RO. She was quite demanding that I play with her legs and bum last time to the extent that she changed positions.  I think she likes contact but was a little unsure about full sex, a bit quilty about doing extras, different sort of service to massage and HR.  Told me she is at a university studying health or something but does not tell them what she does obviously.   :hi:
Japanese elite size 6 looks ideal a I go to Cardiff for work on ocassions.  300 for a few hours? :unknown:
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Offline Andyply

Back in Plymouth but no number up yet.  Hopefully the girl in the pink top. Will TOFTT early next week if she's working.  Sometimes girls are listed but never actually work.   :unknown:
oriental nathalie
https://www.adultwork.com/2890343 or https://www.adultwork.com/oriental+nathalie -
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