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Author Topic: Lily's guide....  (Read 5886 times)

Well, we can either love Lily (virtually everyone who has actually seen her) Or pick at her (virtually all those who have not actually seen her)

But we certainly can't ignore her.

Offline AnthG

That's the original post from the thread. I see nothing there that suggested you were starting a debate as to whether prostitute is an offensive word or not? And if that is even why the thread was originally started the majority of the 4-5 pages seem to have been spent nit picking unnecessarily over aspects of Lily's profile. Just all seems a little pointless really no?

To be honest I think this is a really good and interesting topic.

I say this along the lines both in the sense of that Lily has actually created that guide of what will cause her to ignore a message from the punter. And also the fact that from a punters eyes its pretty minor and petty what she will use to ignore you (and before anyone thinks this is Lily bashing, its not as its pretty obvious she is not unique, she is just the only one being honest about it).

There is a topic going on in the main board at the moment asking why WGs just read a message and don't reply.

Why do they do it ? 

And like I say in my topic, I worry, if its a girl I know its genuine, its because I have said something off in my message that has either been misconstrued, or I have inadvertently came across as possibly a bit creepy.

What Lily has (inadvertently) done with her guide is shown how petty WGs are. She will ignore someone for pretty minor infractions in their message to her. And yet as also this topic has shown. She is far from perfect in making things clear in her writing skills.

In my opinion pretty much every single punter and WG in the north east will read this topic because its about Lily, and this fact of how silly her "I will ignore you if" rules that she and likely many other WGs devise up are.

One of the worst things about booking independents is this situation and feeling. Which this topic is about the sillyness of why WGs will do it. But the ultimate effect of often really knocking a new guys confidence as he will think he came across as creepo number 1 and not often understand why. Lily being honest enough saying she will ignore you for petty reasons is pretty telling of this industry.

What is worse though is when it happens with someone who you know is genuine. As you start thinking "what have I said wrong, have I appeared creepy, or could she have misconstrued what I asked or said" And you start running your head through the worst things.

I agree. However the reality is that many of them just give you the silent treatment. This is what I worry about when I do not get a response from WGs regarding their availability!!!!!
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This whole thread seems a little pointless in my opinion.

And if you don't like or agree with anything on her profile it's quite obvious that all you need to do is not book to see her. Bitching about it or whatever the aim of this thread is is pointless.

You mention not to bitch and whine on about something your not happy about, however in the same breathe your complaining the topic is pointless.

By the same token of not booking her if you have a problem with what's written, same goes, no one's forcing you to read or comment on this perceived drivel.
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Offline Reeson69

Lily D = the new Tawny Steele but with a fan club.

Offline Pimpmasterflex

How can you be in denial about what you do you are a prostitute and a filthy popular one at that. No disrespect but gets me why half these have rules I have not yet met one that sticks by them .
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