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Author Topic: Cheap punts  (Read 4151 times)

Thought i should post my positive experience of cheap punting. Was a lass based in washington i think she was called Zoe, was £60 for the hour  or 30 for 30, did what she was asked to, gave good head,  swallowed the lot.  Not sure about kissing as thats not my thing with whores.
Got her number through craigslist.  Though this was a couple of years ago and she appears to have gone now though wish i had kept her number tbh.

Offline Moresomes

That Sarah lass is preggers now & says that she's done with escorting.

So come on lads, Who`s the daddy?   :scare: :scare:

Have to agree with a few on here just wank away until you can afford a decent punt.

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