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Author Topic: Carmel Moore  (Read 30025 times)

Offline oinki

Would never have guessed from those photos, hod looks like a good option for next punt!
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Offline Jerboa

Sorry, forgot to say she is working as Elouise at HOD

Ok that's news to me, cheaper than the £300 she was with some agencies.

Obviously i am new here but, i have seen carmel and yes it was the later end of last year but she was nothing but amazing. Any doubts feel free to check my AW. :drinks: She's actually hilarious too.

Offline Straife

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but does anyone know if Carmel still works in london? I saw she currently does tours abroad.

I spotted Carmel Is on Hamiltons openly again. http://www.hamiltonsescorts.com/escort-carmel-moore.htm

As much as I would like to see her I won't be paying that amount,hopefully she may reappear as an indie as her rate was much better.

Offline Jerboa

She has a new AW profile up with phone number and Is touring, rates less than with agencies.
https://www.adultwork.com/2425597 or https://www.adultwork.com/CarmelMooreXXXPSE

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What is her currant status

Post above yours mate. She's on AW and the profile is still active.

Fake tits and stupid lips.  Can't understand why girls do this to themselves

Online Anadin

Fake tits and stupid lips.  Can't understand why girls do this to themselves

Cause it looks amazing, well to those of us that like it.

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