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    A Day Of Debouchery.

    1st punt of the day.
    £100 (£120 owo)

    Finding myself with time on my hands and money burning a hole in my pocket I decide to do 3 punts on 1 day  :yahoo:
    Started with Vicki out of Slough.
    [[Link hidden, login to view]]
    Italian girl.
    Facially attractive, is the girl in the photo, although may be a little heavier,  but not excessive.
    House was the usual run down and poor with mattress on floor, at least 2 other girls working there and doors not locked.
    Her sister walked in mid sex and proceeded to talk to her.
    I was unimpressed.
    Vicki was not great :(
    No kissing, owo extra £20, routine blow job, sex and just robotic.
    Lacked passion and interest.

    Left early due to border after coming once during sex.
    definitely would not go again.
    oh well the day is young.
    On to my next punt.
    comms good

    Did you mean to give a negative rating?

    Was not great :(
    I'm also not a great fan of rubbers, but would NEVER consider not using 1 with these WG's
    She offered bareback if I wanted it too.
    This always raises the red flag for me too.
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