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Author Topic: Whats the deal with AdultWork "flirts"?  (Read 486 times)

Offline hexohm

I've just logged on to AW and noticed i received a "flirt".  Normally i would either ignore or block random spams but this one came from a girl i recognise as being mentioned on here and well reviewed.

I've looked at her profile before (after reading a ukp review), can they see who's viewed their profile? Has she specifically contacted me?  Is it just like a facebook "poke"?

I'm curious because although she's E.Mids based, nowhere near my punting area so unlikely to be connected to anyone i've seen before.

Offline godhomer

I have had 2 flirts off AW girls in the past few weeks both of them from miles away so i just deleted them. I think some girls on AW just send them out to random members without knowing/caring where they are from, perhaps they have dusty phones so are hoping to drum up some business.

Offline Taggart

Not had a flirt for over a year now. When I did, it from types that didnt tick the box.

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