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Author Topic: Being fucked in the ass by a TS?  (Read 10974 times)

Offline Vivago

Hetero, bi or gay. Who gives a fuck? They are all just labels and we all have the capacity to be either.

Having said that I couldn't shag a man who looked like a man but a man who looked like a girl with an extra part is 100% doable for me. Don't knock what you haven't tried is my motto.

Strictly 'tops' only though. I have no curiosity at all about what it feels like to be banged in the bum. But I can fully understand those who want to experience the sensation.

Off to Pattaya next week and although I will mostly stick to biological women, if I come across a tiny ts like the one I found in the Coconut bar last year, I'll no doubt take it back to my room, terrorise its tonsils and then smash its cute little arse. :cool:

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Offline Paulbrum

I'm tri sexual lol  :crazy:

I've done girls, guys, tv's, ts's, fucking and being fucked, it's all great

Love it all


Offline Nagilum

Yeah, it doesn't tweak my interest.

Also I have the the Blue Oyster bar music playing in my head. "Proctor!!!!"

Offline candec

Sexuality is on a sliding scale. Having 2% of your punts or even just 1 with a TS or TV doesn't make you gay. Most punters who go to see TS/TV escorts are married men. If a die hard Arsenal fan went to see 1 Spurs game it wouldn't make him a Spurs fan.

Offline Censor

This thread just shows what an utterly negative and self-obsessed society we live in, it's pretty sad actually. Whatever your preference, it doesn't matter. What has anyone got to prove? Who is anyone to judge or care? If you find a human being attractive, society's stereotypes and labels and all that go with them should not matter, whether they're male, female, transexual etc. It's all just another way we are manipulated and controlled in this cancerous modern age. I don't understand everyone's incessant need to declare 'I'm straight' or 'I'm gay' whenever talking about anything sexual. It doesn't achieve anything for you or anyone else for that matter. Perhaps as humans we should focus more on being kind to ourselves and others, whoever they may be, rather than who's genitalia are entering who's genitalia.

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f a die hard Arsenal fan went to see 1 Spurs game it wouldn't make him a Spurs fan

This 10000%

Cogently put, but the binary and literalist thinkers won't get it, no matter what you say.

Like Raddy, I too must be 'James-gay'*, though if I woke up next to a chisel faced Pierce Brosnan type I'd probably throw up. The reason being I'd quite fancy a pretty ladyboy, and have almost arranged a meeting until I checked the private gallery and the jaw line was too thick set - even a hint of the masculine facial appearance was off-putting. But then, why was the cock not going to be a problem?


Well if you like; simple models of the world have their uses - if you have limited cognitive abilities for example, or are reducing the model down for a more simplistic analysis e.g. if a questionnaire asked :

   Have you had a gay [ ], heterosexual [ ] bisexual experience (tick all that apply)

then I might have to tick gay if I'd been banged by a TS, but it hardly captures the nuance of the situation. Like I say, a simplified model. Some can only work with such models - like the geezer up thread who suggested the OP should be just as happy with a bloke in a frock.

Whilst I do not care if the binary thinkers want to call me gay, it really does not describe for the vast majority of people who understand the term, what my sexual predilections are, which are 99% girl pussy and girl-ass fixated. Did I say ass? Whoops, there goes my heteronormativity.

* 'James-gay' - a new term which means if you've been sexually active with a cock, you're gay, no ifs, no buts. Well maybe butts.

Good post.  Obviously there is a biological difference between male and female, which is the basis of reproduction in different species incl. us as humans, but that in itself isnt particularly important or significant. The rest of it, gender relations and such are if not  artificial then social constructs to an extent. Some feminists get it. The journalist Suzanne Moore complained in the paper a while ago there's too much pressure on women to look like Brazilian trans women , at least she's acknowledging that trans ladies can look hot. I like the Brazilian porn actress , Sarah Helen! She looks a seriously bad girl.


I'd. Say the best I ever had have been with ts.  Mainly because they stimulate the male g spot if you bottom making amazing orgasms. In fact many times I've been with one I've orgasmed from anal alone. No touching of my cock what so ever. For me it was like 100s of little orgasms getting stronger and stronger after each other with body shaking and then ejaculating with the most intense orgasm, and at least double the normal amount of cum. What I imagine woman feel when they have multi orgasms.

Belive me if you try it you won't regret it and you be back for more.

Offline WaitingforGodot

One of the beauty's punting is the chance to push your boundaries and experiment.  I suppose to what extent you take advantage of the opportunity depends on how you see yourself.  For me, I would consider (or have considered) myself 100% straight.  But in an MMF with a couple recently, "she" said the idea of seeing him with another bloke would be a massive turn on so we (he and I) engaged in a bit of touching and some oral.  Did it do much for me?  Not really (well, him blowing me was the same -- as good -- as any other girl but can't say I got a lot out of blowing him although I'm glad I had the experience.)  Would I do it again?  I wouldn't initiate it, but I'd be happy enough to go along with it in the right situation.  Anal?  No way -- top or bottom.  A TS is something I am tempted to try if for no other reason than why not?  As long as "she" is pretty (in a feminine way), why the hell not.  You don't know if you like something until you've tried it. Is this an obsession...on the top of my hitlist?  No.  But I daresay I'll get around to it at some point.

So, am I gay?  Am I bi?  Am I straight but open-minded?  You tell me.  Personally, I don't give a fuck.  I'm just happy with a rich and varied sex life thanks to punting.
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Offline od13218

Sexuality is on a sliding scale. Having 2% of your punts or even just 1 with a TS or TV doesn't make you gay. Most punters who go to see TS/TV escorts are married men. If a die hard Arsenal fan went to see 1 Spurs game it wouldn't make him a Spurs fan.

Quite. The irony is that those who argue this way- i.e. that a man who has ever expressed an interest in say sucking cock is automatically gay - don't see the paradox in looking at it the other way. By their argument, a gay man who once fantasised about a woman is automatically straight!

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