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    Author Topic: Anyone Seen Agnes.Hottie?  (Read 1521 times)

    I came across Agnes' profile and liked the look, but given her low amount of feedback and lack of info on here, I was a little put off. I was wondering if anyone here has seen her before?

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Offline thekman100

    If just messaged her to see if she is around tonight and if everything is included in her hourly rate.

    If yes and I TOFTT I will let you know.  ;)

    Any reports back would be much appreciated, kman!  ;)

    Offline thekman100

    Sorry to say she never replied so went elsewhere! As it happened, not a great punt either. 3 punts in reading, all below par. :(

    Offline a10

    Looks like your typical EE unreliable pro$$ie.

    Kman who have you seen that weren't any good? Name and shame!

    Sorry to say she never replied so went elsewhere! As it happened, not a great punt either. 3 punts in reading, all below par. :(

    Did you phone her?  I suspect some of these girls can't read/write English very well so they ignore emails or texts.

    Offline Cunning Punt

    I did manage to get hold of someone on the phone on Thursday evening.
    Asked Agnes/maid whether CIM was included or extra. She at first said it was included but seemed hesitant so asked again, and was told £30 extra.

    I asked for an ordinary 15min booking without CIM for half an hour later and for the address, but never received a text and left it at that. Wasn't that fussed.

    While one doesn't like to stereotype, unfortunately there are a very large number of Romanian WGs who are unreliable and give a crap service - and Reading seems to have a few of them at the moment.

    Offline Cunning Punt

    Sorry, that should have read "many Polish girls and a very large number of Romanian WGs", of course.

    I sent Agnes a message the other day as she had no phone number showing on her profile.  The next day she read the message but - surprise, surprise - no reply.  Then I managed to get through to her on the phone but what a performance.  She doesn't really speak much English and whenever I asked if she did anything (listed on her profile but clearly written by her pimp) she said NO, she "wasn't up for it"!

    Don't waste your time. AVOID.

    Offline megadik

    I have seen her for a 15 min.. owo included in 15 min. decent flat within 5 min walk from Train station..

    IMO, Not very attractive facially.. decent body.. she is willing to please.. i didn't expect more from a 15 min punt.... overall decent punt though

    Offline acnelanka

    I seen Agnes two months back before she goes holiday to Poland. A tall slim lady, wide face, but her face skin was bit rough.
    Plush: offered french kiss, owo and sex in few positions. friendly lady.
    Minus: No feelings, bit mechanical, fake sound.

    will visit: NO
    I seen her last week in Broad street mall reading, wearing very sexy outfit and she looked really hot now. but once the clothes removed not much of interest.
    Banning reason: Undesirable

    Offline Cunning Punt

    It would be of more use if one of you two, if not both, actually had done a standalone review of the girl - more detail and these are easier to find.

    Time for both of you to break your respective punting ducks...

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