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Author Topic: Worst punt ever ? What's yours ?  (Read 5905 times)

Mine well a few but once I didn't even do anything cos she said she couldn't get it in ( I am disabled so can really only do cow girl, ok I'm not massive but never had this ever she was a bit plump though:( but think it was just an excuse lol

Offline cueball

I had a bow job years ago from a big fatty who wouldn't take her jeans off and she had a monobrow, the perils of the ads in the back of the paper.

I should've walked but didn't  :dash:

And this crackpot too......

Offline bod666

Mine can't compete with cueball's but this is it https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=54398.0

I should have known better and felt like such a loser afterwards :(

Thankfully most of my punts leave me feeling like I'm floating on a cloud so the good far away the bad (thanks to ukp).

Oddly when I think back to my punts prior to finding ukp there are still none as bad as this one. Though I did have a strange punt with a plump polish red head in London who never really took her clothes off and was slightly nuts. We did shag a couple of times though so I wouldn't call it a negative. Can't post the link to her as she's long gone. And my first ever punt was just disappointing but that was mostly because I didn't really fancy the girl.

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I had these two back to back. Hideous, the pair of 'em. Made me change my punting ways and rely on UKP a lot more. Haven't had a bad one since.





I notice the TS one I fucked says a 9 inch cock on her profile. 9cm would be more accurate. I'm Mr average and dwarfed hers.


Offline Stiltskin

I notice the TS one I fucked says a 9 inch cock on her profile. 9cm would be more accurate. I'm Mr average and dwarfed hers.


and you were dissappointed with that?! Personally, if I ever went down that road, the smaller the better. :D :D

Offline Vivago

Miss Adipose here (https://www.adultwork.com/1646795). Sucked in by the clever photography and reasonable prices but the reality was a mix involving spaniels ear tits, a gut that would put Jimmy Five Bellies to shame and downright bad service. Still suffering from PTPD (post traumatic punt disorder). :scare:

2 review(s) found for Wendy masseur  linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

A couple spring to mind of notable shitness, both long before I found UKP -

Can't remember the 1st girls name but she was based in Blackburn about 4 or 5 years ago, the building she was living in was multiple occupancy and about to be renovated but thinking back looked more like a fucking squat.
Spoke to her in the morning and thought she sounded a bit weird, giggly, thick, immature but went ahead anyway.
Arrived and text; called etc but no reply; waited and text / called again and again, eventually she answered and said she had been asleep.
She came out to collect me, probably knowing that I wouldn't have gone any further than the front door on my own, no carpet, holes in floorboards etc, got in her room and asked for the loo to be told it was out in the corridor and up the next flight of stairs, should have legged it once I was out of the room but stupidly didn't but would now.
Came back to the room to find her finishing off a can of Special Brew (class), room was even a worse fucking state than my house, stupidly paid her then got a BJ and started with sex but the whole thing was so bad I couldn't maintain a boner so went back for more OWO and CIM finish.
Took me an absolute age to cum then when I did she legged it to the sink, I thought she was gobbing my spunk out but she was actually throwing up.
Hideous experience, wiped my feet on the way out to avoid contaminating my car mats.
She moved on to Bristol not long after then seemed to disappear, I assume the 100+ positive feedbacks she had were from whoever she bought or stole the profile from as in the 3/4 months she was active no more positives were added.

The other girl was a couple of years ago while travelling in the south -
Phoned and arranged for in hours time, I asked if she wanted me to put a booking request through and she said no, should have rung alarm bells.
Quick shower then drove 75 miles to her place, phoned and text etc but no answer, eventually I get a text back saying her friend had popped round and could I give her 10 minutes to get rid of her. Kept getting another text every 10 or 15 minutes and thought I was being scammed / set up but eventually she said she was free.
She looked OK, not sure if it was the girl in the photos as she was a lot thinner and basically said she needed to put weight on.
Into the bedroom and I handed her the money to be told it was £10 more, pointed out what her profile said but she informed me her profile was wrong and she needed to update it - WTF. As I was effectively 3 hours in since arranging the punt and with a 150 mile round trip whether I punted or not I gave her the extra.
Asked her to dress up and do a roleplay as stated on her profile to be told she didn't have any outfits and wasn't really into roleplay.
OK how about some OWO? No I only do oral with, not going well this and the oral with was fucking lacklustre to the point I couldn't feel anything.
Oh well you win some and lose some I thought so may as well have sex and go however as soon as I was inside her she said it was hurting her as I had to stop!
Tried again being really slow and gentle but she wasn't having it and I had to stop as she was getting into what looked like a panic attack.
Eventually we agreed on a hand job that I had to do myself as she couldn't even manage that, I came over her and she fucking moaned about that too.
Should have walked from this one too!

https://www.adultwork.com/1170543 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy+girl+jessica

Offline Sonny Crockett

I've had a few bad punts in my time (2 this year). However my worst ever punt occurred in my hometown with a short blonde lady. When she opened the door, never before did I encounter such a disinterested, awkward, messed up lady who was so unflatteringly attired (it looked as though she didn't want to be there). Her place was an absolute tip. Anyway all she did was give me covered oral  in the most unenthusiastic manner, so unenthusiastic that my cock lost its hardness. At the end there was no further action and I left the place.

Another really awful punt (which I also class as the worst ever) happened in Nottingham (the Mecca of crap escorts), where I met another blonde lady. It started off with some reverse oral, where abruptly she just pulled away. Then it was followed by really crap covered oral (even though she advertised OWO). I just wasn't enjoying it. Anyway at the end she turned rude and aggressive towards me, so aggressive that she made me feel worthless.
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Offline SirFrank

I've had more shit punts than hot dinners but 2 stick out. One drunken punt in studio95 Swansea - the girl in question clearly didn't want to be there and constantly complained I was squashing her in mish. She kept saying support yourself with your elbows! Wtf? My walking around weight is around the same as Carl the cobra Froch - I'd never tire of punching that gobshite in the chops - and I've never squashed a girl during sex ever. Anyhow after several minutes of this shit I got off pulled the condom off, threw it at her and told her to go fuck her face. She went beserk and I just laughed at her then went to see the woman running the show and demanded my money back all the while I had the bunny boiler screaming and crying behind me and complaining that Giant Haystacks was crushing her. Anyhow they gave me my Cash back and that was my last ever parlour fuck in Swansea.

My worst ever though was with a girl in Bristol. I've mentioned her before on here. She's now no longer active on AW (thankfully) and was one of my first ever AW punts where the pictures on the tin bore no resemblance to the tub of lard that opened the door. She claimed to be a lap dancer and had won best girl in 2 clubs. If true, the award was dished out 3 years/stone earlier. Flat was just off whiteladies road and was a shithole. When she walked up the stairs in front of me her arse resembled a sack of fighting ferrets. I should have walked but didn't and even to this day I fucking hate myself for not doing so. The worst of all, however, was her growler - it looked like a fleshy chainsaw wound. I had to whack myself off to get the fuck out of dodge. I hate her but not as much as I hate myself. She also claimed she was retiring soon as she was off to that London to pursue a career in glamour modelling.... In my head I was laughing hysterically thinking yeah right.

She was however my line in the punting sand and I will no longer punt wihout extensive homework and will only consider girls with good UKP reviews. I'm still in therapy thanks to that bitch. Even now when I think of the moose I still get a mouthful of sick
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Online Spunky34


It was with the girl discussed in the post above, for an out call to my place one Saturday afternoon.  Without getting too specific:

1) totally indiscreet before arriving, at arrival and while she was at my place
2) old photos, totally unrepresentative of her at the time
3) terrible attitude, as though she could just do as she wanted (which is my fault as well for not doing anything about it) - as an example, when she asked if I do poppers, I said no and she then shoved some right under my nose, which did nothing except give me a terrible headache
4) getting properly drunk - not a bit tipsy and merry, so drunk that I actually gave her some food to try to sober up before she left
5) in the end, being really difficult to get rid of.  I haven't used that taxi company again out of embarrassment

That was a couple of years ago and if one good thing came out of it, I am now much more careful about who I meet, and I have not had a genuinely bad experience since (still a lot of average to OK punts, but no disasters).  Since discovering UKP I realise that meets like that are more common than I thought, the advice on here is invaluable in keeping bad experiences to a minimum.

I have never had a bad punt. No matter how much B & S, bad attitude or whatever I think if a girl has the cojones to come in a room and get her kit off. She deserves my money.

Offline Vivago

I have never had a bad punt. No matter how much B & S, bad attitude or whatever I think if a girl has the cojones to come in a room and get her kit off. She deserves my money.

That must be one heck of a swinish B & S if, once she has got her kit off, you find she has cojones. :scare:

Offline Turtle Z

I have never had a bad punt. No matter how much B & S, bad attitude or whatever I think if a girl has the cojones to come in a room and get her kit off. She deserves my money.

I'd love to live in your world. No matter what walks in and takes her kit off you're happy  :hi:

Mine was about 4 years ago when I was very new to punting and I saw some Romanian skank who was probably 3 stone heavier than the pics suggested with a shit attitude. As soon as I'd cum she was off the bed getting dressed and ushering me out the door before I was even fully clothed!

Offline RedKettle

worst punt since being on UKP would either be steff who I reviewed yesterday https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=57910.0.  Great looking girl but wanted me done and out quick - my cock was covered and in her within 2 minutes.

Worst ever would be a real munter who came to my hotel room, should have said no and kicked her out.  Really struggled to finish that one.

Offline Chuckman

From a couple of years ago, Stacey. Originally posted on another site:

The Premises

A flat in a new building complex in central Birmingham a couple of minutes away from Broad Street. Parking was plentiful and did not have any problems in leaving my car there. The place itself had seen better times with the carpet looking scruffy and the bedroom furniture perfunctory. Still, I wasn't there to critique the decor.

The Lady

The photos displayed on the site were either not the most recent or had been heavily photoshopped - she was a lot larger than the slim version featured in the pictures and not as youthful as she appeared in them.

The Review

After being shown to the bedroom and undressing she disappeared and returned twice - the second time to sort out the payment. I knew it was a bad idea to pay for the hour but by this time the smaller head was in charge of the thinking so paid for the hour.

After paying she disappeared again and reappeared with a wrap which she then put over a lamp - to give the booking ambiance I suppose. More disappearing, this time coming back with a small packet of white powder. Stacey then put into a bong and smoked. She claims it was 'hashish'. I have my doubts that it was.

Onto the punt. The OWO was without enthusiasm and toothy. There wasn't much sensation and after a couple of minutes of this I moved on to kissing her. This too was without enthusiasm and when I started to caress and kiss her breasts this was a joyous experience as anything else so far.

Performing oral on her was out of the question as she point blank refused so it was on with the condom and time for sex. Yippee. Stacey went on top, complete with manufactured groans. Then doggie to completion and more groans.

This is one of the worst punts I had in years. The drug taking at the beginning is an interesting way to start things off to say the least. The £120 spent is a valuable lesson learned for both me and anyone reading this.


Offline smiths

One of the very worst is the horrific low life Katie Weale, now in admins WG Blacklist. I had the dis-pleasure of seeing her at a few parties, fortunately there were enough other good WGs at the parties so after the first time she was shit I avoided her.

A woman who now cant use her name as she is toxic with a very bad reputation that I have done my best to uphold here and elsewhere since I punted with her in 2008. After she got sacked from the parties for falling asleep on a punters cock she went to work for a brothel who sacked her in 3 days for her horrific attitude. Since then she has been on A/W using various names which me and others have tried to out as we have noticed them, and she has worked at various Agencies. Turned her hand at robbing punters using her pimp as the heavy in recent times. She is human rubbish. :thumbsdown:

My worst ever punt happened in my first year punting. She was quite pretty but not stunning. Anyway, it was actually a shit punt that I'm embarrassed to say happened twice. I was quite new to punting and naive. I soon learned after that, that crap service = no return visit from me. Anyway, she tried every trick to make a man come before he is ready and some not so subtle. Anyway, on the first punt, I was lying face down on the bed, my boner hard against my stomach, waiting for a massage. She comes running into the room and leaps onto the bed, landing deliberately, arse first on my lower back. This drove my cock hard and unexpectedly down into the bed with the full force of her weight multiplied by the speed she was running at. This led to a very unsatisfying ejaculation and her refusal to continue with the booking.She said "Ooh I am sorry, I didn't mean to make you cum". Not only was this dishonest, she could have given me a serious back injury. Stupidly, I returned. The second visit wasn't too bad, I managed to survive her unsportsmanlike early cum tactics for a reasonable amount of time. When I came, the remaining time was chatting only. Annoyed, I started getting dressed while she rabbitted on about setting up her own business and that she was retiring as a wg that month. She then offered to give me her personal phone number and be my girlfriend. Doubtless a scam she was trying with every punter at the time. I said to her " Why would I want YOU as my girlfriend ? " The sour look on her face was priceless ! True to what she said she did retire and as far as I'm aware never got her business started either. The lessons I learned, don't return to a wg who gives shit service and is dishonest but also always make sure you can cum as many times as you like before booking.

Offline MrBridger

I have never had a bad punt. No matter how much B & S, bad attitude or whatever I think if a girl has the cojones to come in a room and get her kit off. She deserves my money.

Jesus and here was I thinking I was fluffy! It must be nice to live in a world where parting with money = having a good time, no matter who you're with or how badly they behave.
Banning reason: Spreading allegations against another punter because of personal dispute

Oddly when I think back to my punts prior to finding ukp there are still none as bad as this one. Though I did have a strange punt with a plump polish red head in London who never really took her clothes off and was slightly nuts. We did shag a couple of times though so I wouldn't call it a negative. Can't post the link to her as she's long gone.

If you don't mind me asking Bod, was this plump Polish redhead called Lilly and in her early 20s ? Working about 4 or 5 years ago ? If so, I shagged her a couple of times myself. She was a bit kooky and hard to get her to stop talking at times but when she did... sheer bliss and a lovely tight fanny.

Offline itk

One that sticks out was right at the beginning when I first started punting. Got to the room which didn't have lighting so she opened the curtains so the street light gave a small amount of light just to see around. Got naked, she then started to and once I saw the state of it I went for just bj. Had about one minute of covered oral, then a crap wank. Pretty sure she fell asleep and I finished myself off. Wiped myself clean with her dish cloth.  :lol:
The other one I remember was again, many years ago and was a pick up from the street. My mate who was driving left us to it in the back of his car, and after handing the money over she didn't say another word. Never even looked at me and put zero effort in. Told my mate not to waste his money, and he then went around the streets and found a stunner that night which for several months became a regular punt each week.

Offline Aramis

My top 2 are this year.

Bell xxx from Bournmouth. Overweight, nothing like Her pics, smelled of spit from previous punter


Bailey benson Aldershot. Callous, time wasting, user of her camming clients, stank of alcohol, flat was freezing, told me I wouldn't be able to come twice, laughed during sex. Got up and walked. Avoid.

Offline The Beano

Makes me shudder when I remember this one from my early punting days. Put an rb on for an outcall in Sheffield. Got a bid from a girl (with 25+positive aw reviews), who said she would come to the hotel, her boyfriend would come in first and suck me off then he would leave and she would come up dressed as a schoolgirl and wank me off. Now I was not interested in the boyfriend bit, but after a long drive I thought a hj would be nice. Called her and said I would go to hers, but I wanted a cheaper price. She said no, but about 5 mins later got text knocking £10 off. This went on until it was down to £25. I should have known better, but went for it. Got there, knocked the door and a fit, young (but obviously in her 20's) blonde English girl dressed in immaculate school uniform answered. She was very shy and embarrassed, no sign of the boyfriend so went inside. The hj was performed with minimal contact with thumb and index finger. No oil because she had sensitive skin. Could touch tits through her clothes, but every time I went above skirt hem level she winced and pushed me away. It was awful and I felt a proper perve. I had to leave as I felt sorry for her.
Checked aw and she's no longer on there. Was she doing a shy girl act, was her boyfriend coercing her, or was she just useless? Still can't work out what was going on but easily the worst and most weird punt I ever had.

Offline Stiltskin

One of my worst was my first two girl punt. Got talked into it by the younger one. The whole experience was horrible. It makes me sick just thinking about it  :vomit:

The younger one was 30 ish, shaped like a barrel with small pointy empty tits, like the corners of a carrier bag. The older one was 45 maybe, skinny with a gruff voice, rancid breath and hands literally as rough as sandpaper.

The'yd kicked some obese bloke out of bed in the middle of the afternoon so they could use his room (I met him on the stairs) and the bed was still warm from his fat arse. The entire session consisted of the fat one riding me, whilst the skinny one with shit breath french kissed me and painfully exfoliated me with her calloused hands.

They say lust lessens your sence of disgust. Well this was a case in point, as despite all this I still managed to cum.

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