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Author Topic: Shower time ?  (Read 768 times)

I've never had a shower at a punt ( do it at home first ) but does this count towards the time? Always wondered ?

Offline DG

I always shower before a punt except one time when I came straight from work. I've had showers after the punt at the girl's flat on several occasions and have never had it included in the booked time. Tbh I never asked about it and given that when a girl offers you a shower after the booking is over, as a rule I don't think it is included.

If you think it might be, ask. If the answer is yes, I would walk as you can guarantee there will be other extras.
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See I'm disabled so it can take me a good 20 mins to have a shower lol, so like I say always have one at home but was just curious.

Offline DG

Fair comment. If you found yourself in that position you should probably discuss before the booking; imagine you have booked a half hour and she has another booking due? There are plenty of girls who are happy to meet disabled clients so I guess they would be used to that. Happy punting mate.
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See I'm disabled so it can take me a good 20 mins to have a shower lol, so like I say always have one at home but was just curious.

Explain before hand that a shower can take that long due to being disabled and I am sure most women will accommodate you happily and some will even pop in to give you a helping hand.  Women who say they see disabled men are more likely to do this than those who don't as they are used to allowing extra time for showering, undressing, getting onto the bed, getting into position then all of that in reverse at the end of the booking. 
Depending on someones disability it can turn an hour booking into two or two and a half hours of time and they will be used to this and allow extra time before and after the booking.  she will probably ask you to arrive early if possible so you can be showered on time.  I am sure an assisted shower wont take anyway near as long or why not ask for an assisted bath?  They can be good fun and can incorporate getting clean into part of the booking

Thanks dani like I say I do it at home as don't really wanna pay for one lol, but might consider it:)

Only done it a couple of times but I really enjoy an assisted shower, but if she is in there with me, it has been on paid time.

I often shower (alone) on arrival, and again at the end. Some have made sure I am in the shower 5-10 mins before end so they can still usher me out the door on the hour (which usually rules out a re-visit)  :thumbsdown:, but mostly I go for the shower when my time is up.

Not sure too many would allow a 20 minute shower on their time, no matter what your circumstances are.

Offline comaminion

Hmmm always wash and shave before I visit so don't there until the end and not been requested to on arrival

I'm new and such but never considered having shower out of the hour always fit it in before hour is up, woman I see does not clockwatch, if anything I usually ask how I am doing for time, I don't run it to an hour for the sake of it and also don't want to go over

Their time is money and such

Op from your described needs would hope whoever you saw gave you a little allowance
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Oh some have , but some are terrible but I'm being much choosier now.

Offline Ben4454

The time starts when money exchanges hands (the girl is in the room with you) If she requests me to have a shower after handing the money over I will say to her sure come join me. If I do not like her attitude I will get my money back and leave. If She requests shower before handing over the money I will ask her to have a shower after I have taken mine. I can waste her time just as much as she waste mine after telling her I have already had one. If she wants to have a shower before the punt I will say sure and when she gets out I will simply say 'Shall we start the booking now?  :rolleyes:

No one should be expected to pay to have a shower or have it count on the time. If she attempts this - get a refund and walk right away.

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Well my next punt is gonna be in a hotel, but I kinda fancy a shower together but I don't mind paying for that just not alone.

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