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Author Topic: emily-21  (Read 857 times)

Offline MrDog

https://www.adultwork.com/2875328 or https://www.adultwork.com/emily%2D21

Cant really give a negative because no services have been sampled and I may be being just a bit to wary - this is a warning/cautionary review.

Saw Emily-21 profile on AW and was about to go against my 'no friday punts' mantra when something in my head (the one on my shoulders) said hang on, working only two days in-call from Heathrow, member since Feb, no reviews, not even on AW. No 30min appointments (which is where the women actually make more money than the hour) Somethings not right.  I remember reading a post on here about googling the number and it came back with a mechanics number, well this is close.
I Googled the telephone number in the AW profile and what came up.....one advert showing Emily as based in Norfolk, and a few adverts on some Polish websites recruiting builders & painters for £7.50 p/h etc etc.
So, she's either non-existent, or Sergies got into another business, or its a scam where they know that whoever turns up has a £100 on them.
She may very well be real, but you know Sergies going to be lurking around somewhere.
All in all not for me. 
Might be me being too cautious but Heathrow/Hounslow hotel punts are invariably dodgy and I think this one is no exception, to my knowledge there are only a couple of hotels in that area which don't require a key/card for the lift, both are Holiday Inns, and only one of them is a 4star ! 
Not sure if I'm brave enough to toftt, even though her DD  knockers are willing me on !

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There is a Reviews Section on this website.  :hi:

those pictures look like they are from an art house film from 1987

Offline MrDog

There is a Reviews Section on this website.  :hi:

I know LV but as I said I haven't actually seen her so technically its not a review just a warning to fellow punters !
If admin wants to move it to the review section then  obviously he can do that.

Also I looked at the profile again last night and it seems that the buxom blonde who was on the original AW page posing in Ruislip Park has been replaced with a dark haired variant with pictures that look ripped from somewhere else.

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