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Author Topic: Sammy Deepthroat Pro - Hornchurch  (Read 1493 times)

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This was a first punt from a while earlier this year and I left it a while before reviewing as I wasn't sure how to rate it and figured it would be clearer after another punt.

Fee was £150 for an hour. All services provided but not sure I'd go back. I've a feeling I'd have gotten more out of the punt had I been more experienced and assertive so I would say your mileage may vary.

Initial comms via e-mail were good. Tapered off towards the end but we eventually got an evening meeting organised. Ample parking outside but had to wait in the car 10 mins or so whilst she changed into my outfit request. This was ok as I was in a bay but may be off putting to some.

On opening the door, Sammy was dressed as requested in a skimpy black number and thigh highs. I'd have preferred heels but I didn't specify. She was very tall in those boots! Very much the woman in the pic and definitely late 30s. Great figure, lack of face pics on profile though.

Shower was offered but I'd come straight from home. Very faint smell of gear as I was led into the bedroom.

At this point things didn't proceed until she had spent 10 minutes or so faffing about with some fairy lights to get them to stay one colour, despite my repeated assertions they were fine as they were. A brief chat on the bed followed by some kissing, not massively deep but plenty of tongue. Her skin was quite oily which was a little off-putting, there was obviously some sort of lotion she had put on, it didn't bother me too much but was odd.

Things progressed to a BJ which was good, took me all the way in, gagged and spitting. Eventually asked to finish over her face though I got the sense she'd have preferred CIM. She covered her eyes with her hand so I probably should have stuck with that.

Whilst recovering she chatted a lot but although time was moving on no hint of clock watching. Eventually went down for some RO which turned into me fisting her for a good 10 minutes, much to the displeasure of my wrist which I thought she was going to rip off. She seemed to enjoy this immensely, it was fun having not done it before but I was somewhat thankful it was over fearing having to explain how I'd broken it.

By now a fair bit over time she went for another blow job and got me going quickly, urging me to cum again. I wanted to fuck though so on with the suit and she rode me for what felt like 30 seconds before hopping off saying that was my lot, she wanted doggy. Happy to oblige and I popped from behind after not very long thanks to her vigourous BJ. This was a bit of a shame and a little rushed but I was conscious we'd ran over.

Got dressed and left to have a shower at home having paid up front. Was there over 90 minutes having booked an hour but left a little bit underwhelmed. I wondered if that was expectations but I enjoyed my next punt a lot more. That said, all services were delivered and we ran well over. With more experience I might have just gone for more of the face fucking / deep throat and had a better time of it. Wouldn't completely rule out a return but better to be had for the money, I think.

2 review(s) found for Sammy DEEPTHROAT PRO linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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