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Author Topic: Could a punter do a prossies job?  (Read 2360 times)

Offline AnthG

I wonder if Softlad would be so keen if his first client was Susan Boyle ----

But I can bet 99.99% of the Escorts over 35 look like this, or close to it, anyway and charge £150 / hour to boot. And I think SL has actually saw over 35 year olds so he actually has done this.

I genuinely cannot see the attraction of older escorts.

Offline Mr XL

Seriously now, if I had to then yes I'd do Subo, not saying I'd enjoy it, far from it.... I just know that I could.
I've been with munters on a par with Subo in the past though not for money, so to get paid for it is a no brainer for me.
As I've said I was a lot less fussy in my younger days, and wouldn't do something like that now unless I was getting £££'s.
The one single female I did see wasn't so bad, she was a single mum from Bradford who was treating herself for her birthday.
I can see how some will think I'm bull shitting, I've no need to, if any ever meet me they'll see for themselves I'm a genuine as they come.  :cool:

I don't think you're bull shitting and now that you have developed your.........er........theme I can accept that you may be able to do it.

........but why would you want to shag a munter without getting paid  :scare:

Offline Mr XL

There is another issue I don't think has been touched upon.

The lies that some girls have to tell their families.

If I had to lie to my kids about how I earned my money I wouldn't do it. It begs the question that if you can live that kind of lie just what kind of attitude you have to honesty in general.

Offline softlad

........but why would you want to shag a munter without getting paid  :scare:

I gave up trying to figure how my brain works (or doesn't) years ago mate....... :(

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