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Author Topic: Asian Touch Thai Massage - London  (Read 4178 times)

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Offline shuvro


First time reviewer, long term reader.

Was around Soho last week and finally decided to try out one of those infamous Shaftsbury Avenue massage places. Asian Touch seemed like less obvious of the other choices (Lavender / Be Health) so took the courage to walk up to the store.

It's in the 1st floor from street and surprisingly there were 2 guys at the reception. The first thing they asked me was - do I want a boy, girl or ladyboy (!?). Obviously went for the second option. Price was slightly high (58 quids for 1 hour) compared to the other shops but interior was nice with Thai designs.

Had to go further upstairs to one of the rooms (called Bangkok) for massage, took a quick shower and waited for the masseuse Patra - a lovely Thai girl in her later 20s, petite, with small perky boobs. Had a little chit-chat with her and she started the massage.

Was top class Thai massage, really hit some pain points and made me feel completely relaxed after a rough day. Then the time came to turn around allowing me to show my willy, all excited :lol: She asked if I wanted any extra, I said how about Prostate massage. She said 100 quids :scare: Handjob was 50 quids. Obviously she thought I was a newby and I didn't bother to haggle longer. Decided not to go for any extra. She finished the massage professionally and overall it was a really nice massage.

If you want something extra, this place is definitely way too pricey in my opinion. But I wanted a good massage and this place really offers authentic Thai massage.


58 is a weird price?I went here for a massage ages ago before the proper punting kicked in,was alright to be fair

Offline LL

I'm getting bored of these reviews of West End Asian massage parlours to be honest.
Having been to most of them, I'll let you into a secret - each one is pretty much the same, with the same on offer at the same price.  It's hit and miss at all of them in terms of quality service and attractiveness of the girl and this is because it depends purely on who is giving the massage and that quite unpredictable.  Girls come and go all the time - they seem to get passed around all the different parlours.  I've come to the conclusion it's mainly a ripoff aimed at tourists.  These days when I do fancy a quick rub n tug then I'll just go in blind, without any prior info as it's unlikely I'll be able to meet the same girl that someone else talked about - and besides it's more fun not knowing what's in-store.  Considering the whole experience is not all that exciting, adding a bit of mystery to the process is at least adding something.

This review was more like a non-review since the author only had a massage and no extras.  For someone to "review" somewhere purely on speculation of what might have been had the cash been at his disposal - is a waste of time.

LL, entirely in agreement with you  :hi:
I too think "same old, same old", and it is never ending.
These are getting to be expensive venues with poor massage skills and none of the joys you'd experience with a real WG.
After almost 7 years of using parlours,  time to call it quits and just keep with regular WG, you trust and at least leave with satisfaction when deed is done.

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