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Author Topic: Savannah James  (Read 639 times)

Offline Gb7

I've done a review about my meeting with Savannah.
Lots been said about her on here re price and I can understand why.
Savannah offers something really different than most on AW and I can understand that people question how she can justify her rates and what makes her stand out from the rest. I thought the same but there was a scratch that needed itched.
This site relies on people taking one for the team and I'm glad to say I took the plunge.
Really glad I did. One of the best experiences I have had and I've been quite lucky with the girls I have seen. Honestly she is unforgettable role player, but that was for me, ticked every box that I needed ticked with  the biggest pencil you could find. If you're thinking about something that is different from the norm, look no further, she is class.
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Offline JazzMan

Why are you telling us this?
Seems a bit over the top.
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Offline Gb7

Why is it over the top?
Thought this was about letting others know about your experiences?
A few of the comments about her on here are about her rates and I'm telling you that, having gone to see her, she was worth it. What is it you don't get about that?
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Offline Happyjose

Starting a new thread endorsing the same prossie you posted a positive review for yesterday could be viewed as over the top, or even touting.

Anything you wanted to add or clarify could have been posted on your review thread

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Offline RandyF

Somebodies a little smitten, :rose: :coolgirl: and either knows or has realised girlfriend Miss James will be reading this  :D

Just to emphasize how overpriced she actually is, on the profile she has one of her playthings linked -


This whore offers a near identical service (did they cobble the profiles up together?) is city centre-ish based, and yours for 140.

I was quite interested in Ella myself, till I bought her PG and the body shape is not my thing (short and dumpy) with a blank androgynous coupon, that wasn't what I'd been expecting  :unknown:
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