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Author Topic: help me find a beautiful young wg in birmingham  (Read 1612 times)

Offline serial_punter

hi id like to introduce myself a little more in detail than everyone else. dont know if this is the right section for that or if people are too friendly on the forum. not too sure what to expect from the forum n slightly new to punting so hopefully your a friendly bunch :-)

Firstly where can I find out what I can legally say and not say in the forums?

Secondly, I get really nervous going into "Massage Parlours" and so prefer outcall "massagers". I only been once before, but plan to get some more "massages". I travel to major cities now and then for work and plan to call a "massager" to my hotel room each trip and i make 4 or 5trips per year. so its important i get a really nice "massager", So thats where you guys come in :-) Im looking for very specific things. i like to try different ethnicities out and like young beautiful women, id like girls with nice bodies too. i fear that if i go on commercial sites, fake pics will go up, and ill be disappointed and wont get another opportunity for months. so if i let you guys know the city im going to and what im looking for, can anyone who can recommend someone let me know if thats ok which girls are best and give a discription of your experience and what the girls like etc?

Thanks everyone, i havent looked through many posts so dont know what the communitiy is like on these forums or if i can expect a nice community where we can help each other out n chat n stuff or what???

ill give my reviews to if it helps anyone else

im going to birmingham in the next month or so (Cant give exact dates in order that noone knows who i am from my home town) and looking for a nice chinese girl or pakistani/indian, young pretty and nice body. i only look for outcalls. I like the GFE and a girl who doesnt rush you for time. appreciate your suggestions and reviews

Offline serial_punter

Anyone seen this girl before:


Am looking for a pretty young oriental girl, thai or chinese, GFE in birmingham. Please let me know your suggestions

Offline serial_punter

this girl black in some photos and asian in others:


I really really really hate it when people give fake pics

Offline serial_punter

Hi, im new to the punting scene but am headed for birmingham soon, i dont get many chances so dont wannta blow it, i wannta find a beautiful girl for my visit. who caqn suggest someone stunning? Preferably thai or chinese or indian

Offline serial_punter

sorry bud i do apologise, im new to the scene and trying to find my way around and stuff, there is a lot to take in at present, sorry for taking up your time.

hopefully someone can help me with my trip, i been looking through some directories and they arent all that helpful so needed some peoples help to enjoy my second ever punt

Offline softlad

Firstly where can I find out what I can legally say and not say in the forums?

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