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Author Topic: "The Chest Sitter"  (Read 2557 times)

Offline Jamessn

Yes I think so. It's a couple of years now nearly so impossible to check

Offline Sar-Major

I should mention that I believe this may be a different incident to the one that was reported on here.

So at the end of the day, girls and agencies are here for business, guys are here for a value for money service. If the customer isn't happy with the service WHY oh WHY resort to violence?????  :dash: :dash: :dash:

There business suffers and customers aren't happy bunnies........... :scare: :scare: :scare:

I really don't understand their logic  :angry: :angry: :angry:

 :hi:   :hi:

Offline AnthG

I really don't understand their logic  :angry: :angry: :angry:

I think its just a case of, the type of person who one day suddenly says to themselves 'you know what I think I will become a "pimp" or aka agency owner is the type of person who is maybe prone to violence.

Its not the sort of business you'd see the sort of entrepreneurs on the apprentice take up. Its the sort you'd see on an episode of cops. :(
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Offline Warwick Hunt

The trouble is these guys don't think logically, they are somewhat dinosaurs to me.

I was brought up in a rough part of town. Whenever there was any "bother" in pubs or on the streets the police where useless. One word from the right guy and that was the end of the matter, no matter how handy you were with your fists you never got involved.

If you went to John Lewis customer services counter with your grievance you wouldn't expect a big silver back to charge round and twat you. Like the guy said, you want value for your money thats all, they want your business so why all the aggro.

Times may change but i don't think that this will ever go away, you have to be careful where you tread when dealing i certain "industries".
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