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Author Topic: Sexy Tina. Thai Blossom  (Read 937 times)

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Offline Owwhatanight

Start your day with a Thai

This weeks girl was Tina.... Vivastreet
£60 for half hour
Near Hooters
Easy parking

After reading Iloveoral,s review last Thursday I wanted to fuck this Thai lady and I could not have picked a more hot lady for my first experience. Phoned Thursday evening for Friday early morning appointment.
Not going to repeat every thing that has been said in his review but great body,face,tits,so petite but what great bloody nipples that i loved sucking on. Starting with Bj all the way down her throat with her tongue licking my balls. Next she straddled my cock and lifted her self up & down with ease and it felt so good I could have cum then.She turned round for 69, cunt in my face as she sucked my cock, mmmmm these girls know how to get you to cum fast. I could not hold on and shot my cum all over her tits. Properly had 20 min but I left a happy man and now understand why some guys just love those little hot Thai ladies.
Make sure you ask how to get out of the main gate before you leave her premises as I did not know the code to get out and she would not answer her phone once out her door. I had to wait for a tradesman working there to let me out.
Only working here until Friday 29 may then it's another girl.
There was another girl here and Iloveoral says it was a ladyboy !
Great to start the day on a Thai.

Offline Iloveoral

Glad you enjoyed matey, I thought she was very special, probably the sexiest so far!!!
The tits really were amazing I wasn't sure if they were fake or not, she actually showed me where the cut into her in her armpits lol

Getting out the gate was the only pain hehe

This weeks lady doesn't look the best there so will give it a miss

You can see why I have a thing for thai ladies now  :lol:

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