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Author Topic: GAE- Rae or Bobbi?  (Read 446 times)

Offline Dime

I fancy a punt with a  blonde WG  who wears school uniform- both of the girls I've mentioned in the post title offer this . I have seen reviews on here for both of them, and Bobbi seems to be slightly more popular  amongst punters i.e better personality. , I don't know too much about Rae, as I can only find one review on her which says she has great bouncy tits. My queries regarding her are: how pretty is she? What is her personality like? Is her age (23) accurate?  It says she is a size 10 which is kind of putting me off as most girls I see at GAE  are a size 8 (with the exception of Taylor who has now left).  Bobbi does look to have a slightly better figure, but I can't make up my mind. 

Offline solway

Bobbi wont disappoint you. Never seen Rae so cannot comment.

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