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    Author Topic: sohorooms???? What's going on in there?  (Read 1042 times)

    Offline bunny84

    soho rooms caught my eye driving passed as a place that may interest someone like myself

    After that I seen sapphire ex libras girl on Twitter tweeting them saying she had a good night their and you might find her being a host .

    I know they serve 5 star food and the place looks expensive . Looks like somewhere you can take a woman and get a room to shag her and maybe get the a host to join you .

    Or can you just get the host ?
    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Anyone in the know ?

    Offline Juankerr

    UK pornstars Jasmine Jae [[Link hidden, login to view]] and Stella Cox [[Link hidden, login to view]] are both pictured as hostesses and are both in the video ( love the music!! )

    Stella Cox does not escort and when Jasmine Jae is available it is at £450 P/H so I wouldn't expect to see either of them there!!

    Online Rayz

    Not been myself but my friend tells me it's owned by the same people who ran libras.

    Expensive food dinner for 2 cost £200, I heard its members only and you pay £45 per hour if you want the company of a lady.. I was like wtf if I want the company of a lady I'll go to a bar a buy a good looking a drink a lot cheaper.

    I'm not sure if any extras are available not been but considering the guys that own it I guess something is going on but I bet it's expensive.

    .....in the classy location of brindley place,....erm no......errr....the mailbox?....definately not...ok somewhere more secluded (run down)....yes its holloway head!.

    Offline denneboom

    Is'nt that the old Johnny Diamonds Pink Flamingo Club ? Yards away from New Ambassadors.

    Many years ago I had a private lap dance there with a tall stunner who had forgot to douche.

    Bad smells

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