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Author Topic: Garden of Eden and Stars  (Read 1026 times)

Offline ianp1976

I am passing both of these establishments tomorrow and thought I would try one out.

I have been aware of GofE since I started punting but there seems to be very little feed back / reviews of the place and I have always considered it to be expensive and have never visted  However I noticed the review yesterday / today and considered giving it a go tomorrow as it is so convenient for me, however I notice the reference to Stars 100 yrds up the road. an establishment that seems to have passed me by until now.

I can only find one review for Stars.

Does anyone have any recent thoughts / reviews about either.


Offline bunny84

Years ago these places were good . I've had many darlings in both

I went garden of Eden about a year ago and what was on offer was not great , 4 average looking girls at best . I live nearby by both theses places I drive past every day . I sometimes see girls going in or coming out and I've not been impressed

One time not that long ago I was driving passed garden of Eden as they were closing . I pulled up to see the quality of the girls coming out and it was not bad but not great either

I all most went bluebelles on the weekend . I called them and was told they had 15 girls working . Another place I'm planning on visiting is Annabelles

Offline tnalove

I don't have the info you want but it is odd that Stars is not better known (and GofE for that matter) as they are pretty blatant frontages.

Stars has been there for decades although it was originally 2 doors down and known as Lisa's Sauna for a long time.
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Offline denneboom

I haven't been to either of these for over six years. I remember punting a stunning 5'11 Asian girl back in those days but with the choice in the city centre available it seems like a chore to drive that far up the Coventry Road.

Pleasuredome, Annabels and a meeting with Tia and/or Sapphire at Blue Ice are next on my list but after that I may revisit Stars & GofE to see what the standards are like these days.
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Only jules in garden of eden is worth it

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